Altria Ventures Submission Form

By checking the box below, you, on your own behalf and on behalf of your company, its affiliates, representatives and agents (all collectively, the “Discloser”) acknowledge that Discloser has read, understood and has agreed to the following terms and conditions under which Discloser may submit materials (“Submittals”) to Altria Ventures Inc. and/or to any of its affiliates, advisers or representatives (collectively “AV”) for evaluation.  Accordingly, Discloser acknowledges and agrees with the following terms and conditions governing Submittals:
  1. AV is not under any obligation to compensate Discloser or otherwise acquire or invest in any venture in connection with any Submittal. The Submittal does not create a confidential or contractual relationship between Discloser and AV.
  2. AV is not under any obligation to treat any of the information contained in the Submittal as confidential. Any attempt to create any such obligation shall be null and void. Discloser agrees that all information contained in this Submittal is non-confidential and Discloser has no expectation of confidentiality with respect to any such information. Any personal information that you provide in connection with this submission will be handled in accordance with the Altria privacy statement.​
  3. Discloser represents and warrants that (a) the Submittal contains no trade secret or proprietary information, (b) any technology described in the Submittal which is covered by a patent or pending patent application owned by Discloser or a third party is identified as such, and (c) any trademarks and copyrighted material used in the Submittal are properly marked or otherwise identified. Discloser further acknowledges and agrees that it must seek appropriate legal protection for its proprietary intellectual property rights before disclosing such information to any person, including AV, on a non-confidential basis or otherwise it may lose the ability to protect such rights under applicable law.
  4. Discloser acknowledges that AV may use the information provided in the Submittal both during and after the evaluation process unless such use would infringe an intellectual property right identified by Discloser in accordance with paragraph 3 above. AV will not have any obligation to return any materials (including, for example, drawings, photos, and prototype models) included in the Submittal.
  5. AV has the sole discretion to decide whether to pursue a Submittal.  In addition, AV is not under any obligation to respond to Discloser or report in any manner its interest or lack of interest in any Submittal or provide the reasons for its decision.
  6. The person identified below has authority to enter into this Submittal Release and Confidentiality-Waiver Agreement (“Agreement”) on behalf of Discloser and is the owner, or the authorized representative of the owner, of the Submittal.
  7. Discloser represents and warrants that it is legally entitled to make the Submittal to AV on a non-confidential basis. The person identified below represents that he or she is at least 18 years of age. 
  8. This Agreement is the controlling agreement with respect to the Submittal, there are no other agreements or understandings that apply to the Submittal and any prior agreements or understandings are superseded. Each of the above terms and conditions applies to the materials included in the original Submittal as well as to anything Discloser may later disclose to AV, orally or in writing, unless AV and Discloser have reached a prior written agreement signed by Discloser and an authorized representative of AV.
  9. The website from which this document was downloaded ("Website"), this Agreement and any Submittal are each governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, without reference to its conflicts of law principles.
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