Contact the Board

Shareholders and other interested parties who wish to communicate with the Board may do so by using the following contact information:​
Presiding Director
Board of Directors of Altria Group, Inc.
6601 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230
Procedures for the Handling of Communications from Shareholders and Other Interested Parties
The non-management directors have established procedures for the handling of communications from shareholders and other interested parties and directed the Corporate Secretary to act as their agent in processing any communications received.
  • All communications that relate to matters that are within the scope of the responsibilities of the Board and its Committees are to be forwarded to the Presiding Director.
  • Communications that relate to matters that are within the responsibility of one of the Board Committees are also to be forwarded to the Chair of the appropriate Committee.
  • Communications that relate to ordinary business matters that are not within the scope of the Board’s responsibilities, such as customer complaints, are to be sent to the appropriate subsidiary.
  • Solicitations, junk mail and obviously frivolous or inappropriate communications are not to be forwarded, but will be made available to any non-management director who wishes to review them.