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Diversity & Inclusion
Altria Group Chairman, CEO and President Marty Barrington joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion network, committing Altria to being an open and inclusive corporate partner​. Learn More​​​
Diversity & Inclusion
Altria Group Chairman, CEO and President Marty Barrington joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion network, committing Altria to being an open and inclusive corporate partner​. Learn More​​​
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​Our industry faces big challenges. That's why we seek the best people to give us a talent advantage.​​
Our employee goal is to develop high performing and engaged employees who will help us tackle big challenges and continue to deliver superior results in the future. We pursue that goal by promoting a vibrant, inclusive workplace; attracting, developing and retaining talented and diverse people; rewarding and recognizing our employees and creating a safe workplace.
Here's How We Support Our Employee Goal
​A Great Place to Work​
Percentage of salaried employees surveyed in 2015 that would recommend the company as a great place to work​.
​Where We’re Focused:
Promoting a Vibrant, Inclusive Workplace
Promoting a Vibrant, Inclusive Workplace
​Our employees share their voice through employee engagement surveys. A recent survey revealed that employee engagement was high, though employees believed our companies had opportunities in diversity and inclusion, innovation and simplification.​

We're strengthening our culture by focusing in these areas:​

Diversity & Inclusion​​
At Altria, our Diversity & Inclusion vision is to seek and value differences to drive our success. Each of us brings our own point of view to work: one that is shaped by our education, family and life experiences as well as our age, gender identity, race and sexual orientation. When we value these differences, we solve business problems effectively and have a more inclusive workplace.​

Our progress includes enhanced inclusion training for employees and people leaders and the development of Employee Resource Groups​​. Furthermore, all our executives are required to have Diversity & Inclusion plans.
Innovation is more than just bringing products to market. Innovation also includes bringing new ideas, efficiencies and improvements to the jobs we're already doing. Over the last two years:​

  • Altria appointed a Chief Innovation Officer who oversees an innovation system focused on new product innovation, culture, capability and communication.
  • We defined key Innovation behaviors and applied them to bring new services, products and programs to market.​
  • We developed STAR (Science & Technology Applications Roundtable) Talks, a monthly half-day event serving as a forum for employees to openly communicate, share information, and generate new solutions to technical challenges.

Our companies have succeeded by streamlining and becoming more efficient. Because of today’s changing marketplace, our ability to adapt has never been more important. Our employees are taking initiative to streamline work and to save time and money​. ​
Percentage of hourly and salaried employees​ surveyed in 2015 that believe Altria is making meaningful progress on diversity and inclusion​
Percentage of salaried employees surveyed in 2015 that would recommend the company as a great place to work​
Percentage of salaried employees surveyed in 2015 that feel safe challenging the status quo.
Attracting, Developing & Retaining Talent​
Attracting, Developing & Retaining Talent
​Employees want challenging, meaningful work. They want to make decisions that matter, while growing their careers. We provide these opportunities, including internships and diverse assignments designed to stretch capability.​

We recruit people with strong leadership potential. Our companies have longstanding recruiting relationships with about 20 universities nationwide. Each year, we offer approximately 200 students paid co-ops or internships. Over half of our eligible interns begin their careers with Altria after they graduate. Our university recruiting is complemented by our efforts to hire experienced employees with demonstrated leadership capabilities​.

In 2016, Altria hired 471 new employees. 41.0% were women and 32.3% were people of color, helping improve the diversity of our workforce.

View a list of open positions by visiting Altria's companies a​t CantBeatTheExperience.com​.​
We work in highly competitive, regulated industries. Our development programs prepare our employees to take on complex business challenges.

When employees join our companies, they have immediate access to development resources. Employees receive ongoing feedback from their managers about their development, performance, and career advancement and growth opportunities​.

In 2016, our companies
invested approximately 
$12.5 Million
in training and development
programs for employees.
Rewarding & Recognizing Employees
Rewarding & Recognizing Employees
Our compensation program helps us attract, retain and motivate world-class talent. Depending on level, total compensation includes different elements – base pay, annual cash incentives, long-term stock and cash incentives and benefits. Our goal is to provide total compensation packages between the 50th and 75th percentile of our peer companies.

Our employee recognition program empowers employees to acknowledge the superior work of their peers. Whether it comes as just a note or as more tangible recognition, we promote an environment of acknowledging hard work and results​.

View​ a list of our benefits.​
​Recent, independent benefits benchmarking studies have confirmed that Altria and its companies offer some of the most comprehensive and competitive benefits within the Fortune500.​
Creating a Safe Workplace
Creating a Safe Workplace
​Our safety goal is simple – we want all employees to have an injury-free career. We're committed to occupational injury and illness prevention and to full compliance with laws and regulations relating to employee safety and health.

We continually update our policies, procedures and equipment as new developments occur in safety and health standards, as advances are made in technology and as market conditions change. Achieving this goal requires each employee to commit to an injury-free career by complying with safety requirements, performing job duties in a safe manner, and by watching those around them each day.​
Our facilities' safety assessment composite score for performance 
(up 1 percentage point from 2015)
Altria's OSHA recordable injury rate
This rate is slightly better than the benchmark for U.S. manufacturing.
Altria's OSHA lost day rate
This rate is slightly higher than the benchmark for U.S. manufacturing.
Compliance & Integrity​
Compliance & Integrity
Our success depends on our people and how we conduct business. We pursue our business objectives with integrity and in full compliance with all applicable laws. 

We work hard to achieve a culture of compliance and integrity that

  • prevents misconduct;
  • identifies and addresses misconduct promptly and effectively when it does occur; and 
  • makes it easy for employees to always do the right thing.
Our compliance and integrity program starts with our Mission & Values​, which is the foundation for how all employees conduct themselves. Altria's Standards for Compliance & Integrity​ outlines the structure for our Compliance & Integrity program, and our Code of Conduct​ outlines key risk areas and the principles​ that guide employees' actions.

Altria's Chairman, CEO and President, the Board of Directors and senior officers are accountable for Altria's Compliance & Integrity Program.

Speaking Up & Preventing Retaliation
Our compliance and integrity program is built on personal accountability. We require our employees to speak up if they believe misconduct has occurred or if something just doesn’t seem right​. We also make it clear that we will not tolerate retaliation against employees who raise good faith compliance concerns.​
All employees receive training on the Code of Conduct and how to use it in decision making. The Code also requires employees to speak up if they believe misconduct has taken place. We expect our employees to comply with the Code and company policies relevant to their jobs.​

In 2016, people managers across Altria participated in compliance training that covered topics like leading by example, how to promote compliance with teams, making good decisions and more.

Compliance & Integrity Investigations Activity​
About 73 percent of employee compliance concerns in 2016 came from in-person reports, with the remaining cases coming primarily through the Integrity HelpLine and WebLine. About 17 percent of our 2016 cases were submitted anonymously, compared to 18 percent in 2015. We investigated all compliance allegations we received, without exception. We report the findings from these investigations to our employees on an annual basis.​

We substantiated misconduct in 115 of the 206 cases closed in 2016 – a substantiation rate of 56 percent. Management worked with Human Resources (and other subject matter experts, as needed) to determine appropriate disciplinary or corrective action for violations, such as termination, suspension, warnings and counseling. None of the substantiated cases involved matters or amounts that were material to Altria.​
Employee Resource Groups
Employee Resource Groups
​Adult tobacco and wine consumers come from all different backgrounds with changing tastes and a wide range of personal preferences. It's important to invite our diverse co-workers to share their experiences to help our businesses connect with these diverse adult consumers.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring together groups of employees with shared characteristics or life experiences to help the company benefit from our diversity and become more inclusive. Through our ERGs, we're able to better understand and connect with suppliers, our adult consumers and each other.​

Altria's ERGs include:​​
Elevating Asian Strengths​ and Talents
Elevate Asian strengths and talent to help Altria achieve its mission in a global environment.​​

Altria's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network 
Work to foster greater diversity, creativity and innovation by promoting a culture of inclusion and opportunity.​

Altria's Military Network
Leverage the skills, values and culture of our company's current and former service members.​​

Altria's Hispanic Network
Leverage Hispanic talent for solutions and insights in achieving Altria's mission.​

Young Professionals Network
Enhance Altria’s position as the place for young professionals to establish and grow meaningful careers.

Altria's Black Employee Network
Strengthen diversity of the leadership pipeline, foster professional development and leverage unique cultural insights of Altria's Black employees.

Women in Manufacturing
Extend the benefits of a national association dedicated to the attraction, development and retention of women in the manufacturing industry.

Women in Sales
Altria Group Distribution Company (AGDC)
Work to develop the careers of the women in AGDC’s sales force.

Women's Network
Serve as a catalyst for the development and advancement of women within the Altria family of companies.​