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    Sales Interview Preparation
    As you prepare for interviewing with Altria Group Distribution Company, we wanted to provide you with some tips on how to be successful throughout the interview process.  You can expect there to be 3 components to our process if you progress through all interview stages: (1) screen interview, (2) panel interview and selling scenario and (3) a day in the field.  We truly believe a position in Altria’s sales department will offer you challenge and opportunity and our interview process reflects those principles.

    Phone Screen Interview Preparation
    Be sure to do your research.  Some helpful topics include reviewing the job description and researching the company Mission, Values and products we sell on the Altria website.  We also recommend doing some outside research on recent news articles, company financial results, and reviews.

    You should be prepared to discuss your work experience, leadership or campus activities, and goals.  If there are gaps in your resume such as a missing GPA or long gaps in your employment history, be prepared to discuss these as well.

    Be prepared to answer behavioral based interview questions.  These types of questions ask you to share examples from your past experiences.  Examples of these are:
    • Tell me about a time when you looked beyond the obvious to find a unique solution to a problem.
    • Tell me about a time when you were able to gain the trust and support of team members to achieve a goal.

    When answering behavioral based questions, consider using the SCAR format: 
    • Situation  / Challenge – Explain the situation and challenge you were faced with
    • Actions – Highlight the actions you took (if in a team setting, highlight your own actions)
    • Result – Share the quantitative and qualitative results

    Here are a few more tips to help with answering these questions:
    • Choose your strongest example but remember the more recent the example, the better
    • Be clear and concise; the interviewer will ask follow up questions if more information is needed
    • Prepare leadership examples from your past that may align with our company values


    Panel Interview Preparation
    This interview will include additional behavioral based interview questions and a selling scenario.  To prepare for the selling scenario, think about situations where you sold an idea or good to someone.  What made you successful? What facts did you provide to support your recommendation? The selling scenario also works to test your analytical capabilities.  Be prepared to calculate simple formulas such as margin, mark-up, cost of goods sold, and a breakeven analysis. 


    Before the interview begins you will be given a preparation period.  During this time the goal is to create a plan and be prepared to sell it.  Think about possible objections to your solution and how to overcome them. 


    Day in the Field Preparation
    During this interview, you will go out into the field to learn about the job we do first-hand.  The goal is to show you what you would be doing on a day to day basis and for us to observe you in our work environment.  Remember to be engaged and ask questions to learn more about your next potential career opportunity.


    Interview Best Practices
    In addition to how you answer questions during the interview, here are some general best practices to use throughout the interview process.
    • Apply online before your interview and write down your candidate reference number
    • Make sure you completed the follow up questions sent to your email after applying
    • Dress appropriately for interviews:  recommended dress is business professional
    • Bring copies of your resume
    • Give yourself plenty of time so that you arrive early to the interview
    • Avoid using jargon, slang and curse words
    • Maintain a positive attitude when sharing your experiences of working for other companies
    • Feel free to ask an interviewer to repeat a question or ask for time to think about your answer
    • Keep eye contact with the interviewer
    • Be confident and share examples of work or school experiences that showcase your strongest skills.


    We hope you have a successful interview experience and learn more about Altria through our hiring process.  Altria strives to offer an experience you can’t beat!  Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your success stories.


    Good luck!​