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    How do I perform a keyword search?

    The Keyword search field is a powerful tool that can help you find the exact jobs you are looking for.

    You may search jobs for a single word or a phrase. Keyword searches will find jobs which contain matching words or phrases in any searchable job field including job title, job description, etc.

    Avoid using quotes or punctuation such as commas.   You can use boolean operators in the Keyword field to get more specific search results.

    Please note that non-English users must still use the English boolean operators. For example, if you are performing a boolean search in French, you cannot type "Unix ET NT", you must type "Unix AND NT".

    Search trick (Boolean operator)

    What it does



    Finds multiple words or phrases.

    java AND basic
    Will find both of those words anywhere in the job description. This operator is not case-sensitive.


    Finds either one word or the other.

    java OR basic
    Finds either word separately, but could find both words in some instances. This operator is not case-sensitive.


    Finds the first word on a page that does not include the second word.

    java AND NOT basic
    Will only return a job description with the word "java" but without the word "basic". This operator is not  case-sensitive.


    Finds words that start with or end with your search string.

    Will find "telecom", "telecommute", "telecommunications", and "telephone". Do NOT use the asterisk to specify the first character of a string.

    ( )

    Groups words or phrases. Other search terms can appear inside parentheses.

    (java AND basic) AND NOT engineer
    Will find a page with the words "java" and "basic", but not "engineer". Do NOT use ( ) around single words.