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​W​here We're Focused
We know the importance of business alignment with our consumers and society. The tobacco industry, which is our core business, is changing, and listening to our stakeholders is important. In 2014, we talked to a wide range of stakeholders, surveyed the general public and conducted a scan of what people expect of leading companies as it relates to corporate responsibility. We're acting on what we learned. The following areas reflect where we're focused. Click on each to learn more about our approach and our progress.
​Get an in-depth look at our focus on responsibility in our
2014 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report
Our views on responsibility are reflected in our Mission & Values​ and are at the core of how we operate every day. This report ilustrattes our continued progress toward reaching our Mission Goals.
Historical Progress and initiatives Surmmaries
​​Society expects tobacco companies to communicate about and address the harm associated with their products. Our companies are working to reduce the harm caused by tobacco products by focusing on four important areas.
​Our companies work with thousands of suppliers that help them manufacture and market their products in a responsible manner. They also work together to identity risks and address stakeholder feedback.
​Our companies work hard to build relationships between their brands and adult consumers while taking steps designed to limit reach to unintended audiences.
​People are at the heart of our companies, and they're the reason we continue to succeed. We work to maintain a culture where employees feel connected to our strategies and have opportunities to grow their leadership skills.
​Demonstrating Leadership
We're also focuse​d on several other areas that help make our business, our community and our environment stronger.
​Our environmental goals set the direction for our companies and help them play an active role in protecting natural resources and reducing their environmental impact.
​W​e provide millions of dollars in grants and thousands of volunteer hours to help make the communities where we live and work thriving places where our companies can succeed.
​​Altria's tobacco companies take seriously the counterfeiting and illegal distribution and sale of their products and dedicate resources to combating these criminal activities.
​​Our success depends on conducting business with integrity. That's why we work to achieve a culture that prevents misconduct, addresses it when it occurs and makes it easier for employees to always do the right thing.