​We approach responsibility by understanding our stakeholders’ perspectives, aligning our business practices where appropriate and measuring and communicating our progress.
Our views on responsibility are reflected in our Mission & Values and are at the core of how we operate every day. This report illustrates our continued progress toward reaching our Mission Goals aligned with our responsibility focus areas.
​Historical Progress & Initiatives Summaries​​​​​​ 
​Our Responsibility Focus Areas
These nine focus areas represent important issues for our companies to address. They align with Altria's Mission goals and stakeholder expectations.
Altria and its tobacco companies recognize the harm caused by tobacco products and the challenges that come with manufacturing and marketing products that are addictive and cause serious disease.
Our companies work hard to build relationships between their brands and adult consumers while taking steps designed to limit reach to unintended audiences.
Altria’s tobacco companies take seriously the counterfeiting and illegal distribution and sale of their products and dedicate resources to combating these criminal activities.
It’s important for our companies to play an active role in protecting natural resources and reducing environmental impact.
We understand the importance of protecting the natural resources of the land and recognize the value of promoting safe on-farm practices.
Our companies build and maintain business relationships with a broad range of diverse suppliers that promote actions consistent with our Mission & Values.
Our companies operate in highly regulated, dynamic and competitive industries. We invest in our people to help them grow and deliver business results in a rewarding work environment.
We’re committed to helping make the communities where we live and work thriving places where our companies can succeed.
Our success depends on our people and how we conduct business. We pursue our business objectives with integrity and full compliance with all laws.