​We approach responsibility by understanding our stakeholders’ perspectives, aligning our business practices where appropriate and measuring and communicating our progress.
Learn more about the progress our companies made in 2013 and initiatives currently underway.
2013 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report
Our views on responsibility are reflected in our Mission & Values and are at the core of how we operate every day. This report illustrates our continued progress toward reaching our Mission Goals aligned with our responsibility focus areas.
​Our Responsibility Focus Areas
These nine focus areas represent important issues for our companies to address, as they relate to expectations of stakeholders and align with Altria's Mission Goals. Progress within these focus areas contribute to Altria's overall business success. 
Our tobacco companies work collaboratively to address the society's concerns associated with their products.
Our companies build relationships between brands and their adult consumers, while taking steps to limit reach to unintended audiences.
Our tobacco companies take illicit trade issues seriously and dedicate resources to combat illicit activity.
Our companies work to reduce our businesses' environmental impact and to promote the sustainability of natural resources.
Our companies work with growers to help ensure the environmental, social and economic stability of the agriculture supply chains critical to our businesses.
Our companies seek to develop relationships with suppliers who promote actions consistent with our Mission & Values.
Our investment in employee development promotes a diverse and vibrant workforce, contributes to successful companies and creates substantial value for our shareholders.
We improve the communities where we live and work.
We strive to create a culture of compliance and integrity that prevents issues of non-compliance and encourages employees to always do the right thing.