Environmental Management

As the parent of companies that depend on our planet’s natural resources, Altria Group has set a goal to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses and to promote the sustainability of the natural resources on which they depend.
Environmental Goals 
Our agricultural-based operating companies understand the balance of nature. Our shareholders, employees, neighbors and communities expect that we take steps today to help ensure the resources they need are available, that we help protect the ecosystems that sustain our businesses and that we operate responsibly with respect for the environment.
We know that our environmental impact extends beyond our facilities, from seed to post-consumer disposal of our companies’ products. Our history of setting long-term environmental goals began when Philip Morris USA first set goals in 2004. Since then, we have made significant progress against our goals and have exceeded our targets in most cases. In 2012, Altria established a new set of long-term environment goals, sponsored by our President and Chief Operating Officer, that will continue to guide the company’s efforts. 
Long-Term Focus Areas & 2016 Goals 
Energy & Air Emissions

  • Cut absolute energy use by 10 percent.
  • Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions by 20 percent.


  • Achieve 50 percent water neutrality through programs within our operations and offsetting our water use through onsite treatment programs and reclamation, and conservation efforts in the communities in which we operate.


  • Minimize waste generated and send 95 percent of our facility waste for recycling or beneficial reuse.

Products & Packaging

  • Reduce the amount of packaging materials in our companies’ products by five million pounds.
Environmental Management Framework 
Each of our operating companies has adopted environmental policies that provide specific environmental guidance for employees. These policies address various topics including air emissions, environmental assessment, hazardous materials and waste, wastewater and storm water management. 
The environmental management framework within the Altria family of companies establishes a methodology to help ensure compliance with environmental regulations and continuous improvement against the companies’ goals. The framework includes:
Read more about the Environmental Management Framework​ in our 2012 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report. 
2012 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report 
The Altria family of companies Corporate Responsibility Progress Report shares our programs and practices, demonstrating how our businesses address societal expectations and manage business issues. View the interactive report or ​​​download/print f​ull PDF (19 M​B)​​​.
Our companies support programs to reduce their environmental impact. 
  • Energy Use & Air Emissions
    Energy use is a significant input for our companies’ manufacturing operations. Smart business demands taking a fresh look at each efficiency opportunity.​ 
  • Water & Biodiversity
    Our companies work to reduce and optimize their water usage, to develop ways to protect the habitats and ecosystems affected by their operations, and to take positive steps in partnership with others to protect biodiversity.
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling Program
    Our tobacco companies follow a program of continuous improvement under the principles of "lean manufacturing." This discipline helps our companies minimize the amount of materials they use and try to minimize waste generation from the outset.
  • Product & Packaging
    Our companies actively seek ways to reduce the material resources needed to meet their packaging needs while maintaining product quality.​
Our programs include multiple evaluation tools to assess our performance.
Our tobacco companies engage with a variety of stakeholders to inform our environmental sustainability strategy.​
Learn more about feedback and recognition our companies have recently received.​