Our Offices & Facilities

​We are headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and have manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and Virginia.
Virginia Headquarters
Richmond, Virginia
​Richmond, Va. is the home of Altria Group and also the corporate headquarters for U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.
Kentucky Processing Facility
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
​U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Manufacturing Company and its predecessors have had a presence in Kentucky for more than 70 years. The 41 acre Hopkinsville tobacco receiving and processing complex employs approximately 90 full-time and 250 seasonal employees.
Illinois Manufacturing Facility
Franklin Park, Illinois
​We have manufactured products in Chicago-area facilities since 1905. While the original manufacturing facility was located on Fifth Avenue, operations moved to the current Franklin Park site in 1974. Today, the 500,000 square-foot manufacturing facility employs more than 270 people.
Tennessee Manufacturing Facility
Nashville, Tennessee
​Since 1922, we have owned processing facilities in Nashville. In 1981, we opened a moist snuff plant near its dry snuff facility in Nashville. These two complexes total 18.5 acres and employ more than 400 people.
Leaf Processing Facility
Richmond, Virginia
​The leaf processing facility supports our growth strategy and development of new products.