Responsibility At-A-Glance

Helping Reduce Underage Tobacco Use
​We invest in a number of programs directed at helping reduce underage tobacco use.
Supporting Cessation
​​For adult consumers concerned about the health effects of smokeless tobacco use, the best thing to do is quit.
Supply Chain​​​
​From seed to shelf, we depend on relationships to manufacture and market our products in a responsible manner.
Our Employees​​
Our success depends on our people and how we conduct business. We pursue our business objectives with integrity and full compliance with all laws.
Reducing Environmental Impact​
​We have a variety of efforts designed to reduce our impact on the environment.
Investing in Communities​
​We're committed to helping make the communities where we live and work thriving places where we can succeed.
Legislative Issues​​​
​Participation in the political, legislative​, and regulatory processes at all levels of government is vital to our businesses and to our democracy.