2018 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report

Understanding and connecting with our adult tobacco consumers is key to our long term success. The traditional tobacco industry is being disrupted, consumers’ expectations are changing, and adult smokers are converting to potentially reduced risk products. We need to be more consumer-centric. As we explore new ways of engaging with adult consumers, we must maintain a lens of responsibility. Our trade partners, such as convenience stores, are also undergoing disruption, impacting the way we interact and support them. In these times of change, our fundamental approach to marketing responsibly allows us to continue to build brand relationships with our adult consumers while also limiting reach to unintended audiences.” GOAL Build relationships between brands and their adult consumer audiences while taking steps designed to limit reach to unintended audiences Marketing Responsibly Heather Newman President & CEO, Philip Morris USA Examples of our tobacco companies’ marketing practices include Connecting with adult tobacco consumers through direct mail and websites Supporting product launches in adult-only facilities Working with retailers to merchandise tobacco products responsibly Denying requests to use their brands in movies, television, video games and other entertainment media Advertising only in publications that meet the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed criteria 28 Altria: 2018 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report | Marketing Responsibly