2018 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report

Creating a Safe Workplace Our safety goal is simple – we want all employees to have an injury-free career. We’re committed to occupational injury and illness prevention and to full compliance with laws and regulations relating to employee safety and health. Safety is more than our number one priority; it’s a serious commitment to ensure every teammate works injury free. We continually update our policies, procedures and equipment as new developments occur in safety and health standards, as advances are made in technology and as market conditions change. From manufacturing facilities to offices, safety is embedded in our culture and requires the day-to-day dedication of teammates for everyone to have an injury-free career. Achieving this goal requires each employee to comply with safety requirements, perform job duties in a safe manner, and watch those around them each day. Our “Injury-Free Career Culture” is an effort to eliminate injuries and fully engage employees in safety by: • communicating safety through all avenues; • applying internal safety requirements/guidelines; • applying training in the workplace; • participating in safety initiatives and the development of best practices; • planning safety into business processes; • recognizing and celebrating strong safety performance; and • enforcing safety fairly and consistently. Thanks to our employees’ continual commitment to safety, we achieved safety wins across several facilities in 2018: • When USSTC Hopkinsville employees identified exposed nip/ pinch points in their Dry Flour cutting area, they used a team approach and implemented guarding to protect employees from the hazard. • The USSTC Nashville facility recently restriped its Shipping and Receiving department using photo luminescent striping that can be visible for long periods of time when there is no other lighting available. This will help guide employees safely out of the room in the event of an emergency. • The PMUSA Park 500 facility recently installed blue warning lights on their powered industrial trucks. These warning lights provide additional visibility to alert pedestrians of oncoming traffic. Looking Forward As our business continues to change, our culture and talent strategies must also evolve. To build on our progress, in 2019 we’re exploring an employee value proposition and making talent transformation a priority initiative. Culture change is hard, uncomfortable and more challenging following a restructuring. We need to rebuild trust, show employees they still matter, and hold our leaders accountable for developing their employees. We need less talk on diversity and inclusion and more action, including providing all employees the same opportunities to grow and advance. Our transformation efforts, along with proven talent strategies and our ongoing commitment to learning and growth, will increase employee engagement and allow us to tackle our challenges and continue to deliver superior results into the future. 53 Altria: 2018 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report | Developing Our Employees and Culture