Board of Directors At-A-Glance

2019 Board of Directors Information​​ Qty ​Yes No​
Size of the Board​ 11
Number of Independent Directors​ 10
Annual Review of the Independence of Board Members​
Independent Presiding Director​
Charters for Board Committees​
a. Audit Committee​
b. Compensation and Talent Development​ Committee​
c. Executive Committee​
d. Finance Committee​

e. Innovation Co​mmittee 
​ f. Nominating, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee​​

Number of Board Meetings Held (2019)​ 7
Outside Directors Hold Meetings Without Management Present​
Annual Board Elections​
Majority Vote Standard for Election of Directors​
Annual Board and Committee Self-Evaluation​
Portion of Annual Non-Employee Director Compensation consists of Equity-Based Compensation ​​
Corporate Governance Guidelines Approved by the Board​ ​​
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors
Board Orientation and Education Program​
Board Stock Ownership Guidelines​ ​​​
Limitation on Public Company Board Service​