Government Affairs

Participation in the political, legislative, and regulatory processes at all levels of government is vital to our businesses and to our democracy.
Strategy & Approach
The sale and use of our companies' tobacco and wine products are subject to international, federal, state and local laws and regulations. Consistent with our Mission & Values​, Altria Group and its companies advocate on a wide range of public policy issues that affect our businesses. We do this through responsible and constructive engagement with government officials, retailers, wholesalers, adult consumers and other stakeholders.
Participation in the political and public policy processes is vital to our business, serves the best interests of our shareholders and adult consumers, and is a necessary component of good corporate citizenship. Altria Group and its companies pursue our public policy objectives with integrity and in full compliance with all laws.
Our approach to advocacy and engagement is grounded in maintaining compliance with the law and acting responsibly. Responsibility stems from our Mission & Values and is central to how we operate. Some of the ways our companies engage in the political and public policy processes are outlined below:
  • We monitor legislative activities, analyze policy and regulatory trends, and comment on policy and regulatory proposals to advance the long-term goals and interests of our businesses, shareholders, adult consumers and other stakeholders.
  • We engage with government officials and candidates for public office and share our public policy perspectives, recognizing that we may not always agree with them on every issue.
  • We educate stakeholders and other organizations about our positions on issues. Altria’s tobacco operating companies maintain websites -- Citizens for Tobacco Rights and Tobacco Issues​ -- that provide retailers, wholesalers and adult tobacco consumers with information on proposed legislation and regulations. When appropriate, we encourage our stakeholders to communicate their views with government officials.
  • Altria and its companies, like most major corporations, are members of various trade associations and public policy organizations focused on issues that affect our business. In developing and maintaining partnerships with these organizations, we expect that they will engage in effective and responsible advocacy within the political and public policy processes.
  • Our companies may make corporate political contributions in the U.S. where permitted by law and company policy. Since 1978 our companies’ political action committees (PACs), which now include AltriaPAC and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates PAC, have enabled employees and shareholders to pool their political contributions to support candidates who understand the legislative and regulatory issues important to our companies.
  • We engage with and listen to our stakeholders to understand their perspectives about our businesses and the way we operate.
  • We provide extensive information about our political and public policy activities as part of our commitment to good corporate governance, transparency and accountability.​
Altria's tobacco operating companies support two websites:
Tobacco Issues provides information on current legislative and regulatory issues.
- ​​for tobacco retailers and trade members
​Citizens for Tobacco Rights provides our stakeholders with information on proposed legislation.
​- for adult tobacco consumers