Other Issues

​Employee Benefits
​Altria Group and its companies provide employees with a competitive compensation and benefits package. The package includes cash and some stock-based compensation. These benefits help the companies attract, retain and motivate their employees. Our employee benefit plans include:
  • health care insurance and flexible spending accounts;
  • dependent care flexible spending accounts;
  • education reimbursement programs;
  • disability and life insurance plans; and
  • retirement plans.
Employers should have the flexibility to design and adjust their benefit programs to respond to changing business conditions and employee needs. Altria’s companies support efforts to strengthen employers’ ability to meet these needs in a cost-effective way.
Immigration Reform
The U.S. immigration system should include programs that provide for a reliable source of legal foreign workers to perform important agricultural and highly specialized scientific work for those positions that cannot be filled by the domestic workforce. The H2A program establishes the regulations tobacco growers must comply with when hiring temporary guest workers to help with planting and harvesting tobacco. The H1B program provides the visas skilled foreign professionals need to work in the United States. These programs affect our core business and could be altered by immigration reform. Immigration reform should create a versatile agriculture guest worker program that provides flexibility for employers and allows workers to change jobs.
Like other stakeholders and companies that rely on the H2A and H1B programs, we are following the immigration reform debate in Congress closely and join with other employers in advocating for the preservation of sensible programs that supplement the domestic workforce with foreign workers when needed.
Data Privacy & Security
Altria Group and its operating companies understand the importance of adequately safeguarding the personal information of our adult consumers, customers, suppliers, trade partners and employees from unauthorized access or misuse.
In the absence of comprehensive federal legislation addressing these issues, certain states have enacted data breach notification laws. Without a uniform federal standard, individuals and businesses are subject to a patchwork of rules and regulations governing both breach notification procedures and how personal information can be used. Altria’s companies support the enactment of federal data breach legislation that would provide a uniform standard for security breach notification procedures. Such a standard would be the most effective way for interested stakeholders to stay aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding the use and disclosure of personal information.
Altria's tobacco operating companies support two websites:
Tobacco Issues
Tobaccoissues.com provides information on current legislative and regulatory issues.
- ​​for tobacco retailers and trade members
​Citizens for Tobacco Rights
Tobaccorights.com provides our stakeholders with information on proposed legislation.
​- for adult tobacco consumers