Making Our Cigarettes

Philip Morris USA's approach to making cigarettes, our core product, involves many phases. With each, we work hard to provide the best quality tobacco products to adults who use them.​
Our Approach to Manufacturing
The combination of advanced manufacturing technology; well-trained, engaged and experienced employees; and a system of continuous day-to-day improvement positions PM USA to best maximize our production capacity.
Our Philip Morris Production System (PM-PS) is built on processes and organizational structure designed to deliver system-wide flexibility, innovation and improved performance, with the ultimate objective of manufacturing high-quality products at the best possible cost.
Bright tobacco matures from the bottom leaves up, so they are picked first; then each succeeding layer as they mature, until only the top leaves are left for final harvest. Leaves are graded according to their position on the stalk.
The process of growing and selling burley tobacco is similar to that of bright, but there are significant differences in the way burley is harvested and cured.