Making Our Smokeless Products

Our processing facility is in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, which is where we receive from local farmers only the finest dark-fired and dark air-cured tobacco that is used in our products. We use 100 percent American-grown tobacco in our leading brands.
We blend and store that tobacco in hogshead barrels for aging over three to five years. Finally, it's transported to our plants where all of our brands are manufactured, packaged and shipped for distribution. We have manufacturing operations in Nashville, Tennessee and Hopkinsville, Kentucky.​
Workers use special knives to cut the tobacco stalk at the base of the plant.
After the tobacco has been cut, workers lay it in rows in the field so they can collect it.
The housing process is very labor-intensive. Workers line up and pass the tobacco sticks from the wagon to the top of the barn.
After the tobacco has been housed, the farmer waits for it to turn yellow which indicates the crop is ready for the firing process.