U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company has an American heritage and a relationship with the American farmer that dates back to 1822.

It began when George Weyman, inventor of Copenhagen Snuff, opened his tobacco shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Over the next two centuries, the evolution of USSTC closely mirrored the explosive growth of the United States. In 2009, USSTC joined Altria Group and today is the world's leading producer and marketer of moist smokeless tobacco products.

USSTC'S Brands

In the U.S., Copenhagen and Skoal are the two leading premium smokeless tobacco brands.


Copenhagen  ●  Cope  ●  Copenhagen Pouches  ●  Skoal  ●  Skoal Bandits  ●  Skoal Pouches  ●  Red Seal  ●  Husky

Smokeless Market Share

This chart summarizes retail share performance for USSTC's brands for 2019. USSTC's retail share was 53.9 percent.1

1Retail share results for smokeless products are based on data from IRI InfoScan, a tracking service that uses a sample of stores to project market share and depict share trends. This service tracks sales in the food, drug, mass merchandisers, convenience, military, dollar store and club trade classes on the number of cans and packs sold. Smokeless products is defined by IRI as moist smokeless and spit-free tobacco products. New types of smokeless products, as well as new packaging configurations of existing smokeless products, may or may not be equivalent to existing MST products on a can-for-can basis. For example, one pack of snus, irrespective of the number of pouches in the pack, is assumed to be equivalent to one can of MST. Because this service represents retail share performance only in key trade channels, it should not be considered a precise measurement of actual retail share. It is IRI’s standard practice to periodically refresh its InfoScan services, which could restate retail share results that were previously released in this service.