The sale and use of our companies' tobacco products are subject to international, federal, state and local laws and regulations. Consistent with our Vision and Our Cultural Aspiration, Altria Group and its companies advocate on a wide range of public policy issues that affect our businesses. We do this through responsible and constructive engagement with government officials, retailers, wholesalers, adult consumers and other stakeholders.

Participation in the political and public policy processes is vital to our business, serves the best interests of our shareholders, employees, trade partners and adult consumers, and is a necessary component of good corporate citizenship. Altria Group and its companies pursue our public policy objectives with integrity, responsibility and in full compliance with all laws. All of our political and public policy activities receive significant internal and external oversight, including active reviews by Altria’s Board of Directors. Additionally, our voluntary, wide-ranging disclosures provide meaningful information to shareholders, enabling them to understand our work in this area and to assess whether our activities may create any unnecessary risks. 

Public Policy Positions

Altria’s commitment to our Vision means engaging actively and responsibly with policy makers at all levels of government. We engage to share who we are, where we are headed, and the vital role legislation and regulation play in shaping the future of our industry.

Compliance & Oversight

Our participation in political and public policy processes is subject to an extensive framework of laws, regulations, public disclosure, company policies and internal controls, including active oversight by Altria’s Board of Directors and senior management and regular internal audits.

Disclosures & Transparency

The use of company resources for political and public policy activities can be an important issue for shareholders. As such, Altria voluntarily makes extensive disclosures regarding these activities.

Political Contributions

Since 2007, Altria has disclosed information regarding political contributions made by each of its companies and its PACs. 

Federal Lobbying Disclosures

In compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act, Altria Client Services, on behalf of Altria's companies, files quarterly reports with the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives disclosing its federal lobbying activities and expenses.

State Lobbying Disclosures

Each year, Altria Client Services, on behalf of Altria’s companies, files more than 400 reports disclosing its state-level lobbying activities and expenses.

Engaging with Others

We advocate on public policy issues relevant to our companies by engaging responsibly with government officials, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, adult consumers, employees and many other stakeholders.

Altria's tobacco operating companies engage with retailers, adult tobacco consumers and adults 21+ on legislative and regulatory issues through three websites as well as through three social media sites:
Tobacco Issues website screenshot

Tobacco Issues

Tobacco Issues provides information on current legislative and regulatory issues.

- for tobacco retailers and trade members

Citizens For Tobacco Rights website screenshot

Citizens for Tobacco Rights

Citizens for Tobacco Rights provides our stakeholders with information on proposed legislation.

- for adult tobacco consumers

You may also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Voice for Consumer Choice image

Voices for Consumer Choice

Voices for Consumer Choice provides adults with information on legislative issues related to adult consumer choice.

- for adults 21+

You may also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.