Each year, Altria Client Services, on behalf of Altria’s companies, files more than 400 reports disclosing its state-level lobbying activities and expenses. Because we believe in providing transparency into our engagements on public policy issues, we voluntarily provide substantial, detailed insight into our lobbying expenses here.

Since 2013, Altria has disclosed information about our companies' state lobbying activities by creating direct access to the government databases that contain each of the companies’ lobbying reports that we are required to file with state regulators. In addition, as a supplement to these direct links, we now further provide the yearly total, on a state-by-state basis, of the companies’ reported state lobbying expenses disclosed on such reports.

Click on the states below to access the relevant state lobbying disclosure websites as well as the yearly aggregate lobbying expenses disclosed on our companies’ lobbying reports. Although some states require the reporting of political contributions on lobbying reports, we have not included those amounts in the aggregate yearly lobbying expenditures, because that information is disclosed on our Political Contributions webpage.