The use of company resources for political and public policy activities can be an important issue for shareholders. As such, Altria voluntarily makes extensive disclosures regarding these activities. 

Political Contributions

In the United States, our companies may make corporate political contributions where permitted by law and company policy. In addition, since 1978 our companies’ political action committee (PAC), which is now known as AltriaPAC has enabled employees and shareholders to pool their political contributions to support candidates who understand the legislative and regulatory issues important to our companies.

Since 2007, Altria has disclosed on this website information regarding political contributions made by each of its companies and its PAC. Twice a year, Altria discloses all PAC and corporate political contributions made to candidates, political parties, PACs, caucus committees, independent expenditure committees (also known as “Super PACs”), entities organized under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code (also known as “527 organizations”) and ballot measure committees in the U.S. Altria also will disclose if any of our companies make direct independent expenditures supporting or opposing candidates or political parties.

View the PAC and corporate political contributions made by Altria's companies.


State Legislative Activity

Almost every state requires lobbyists and organizations that employ lobbyists to file periodic reports regarding their activities.  Typically, the reports require the disclosure of lobbying-related expenses, the legislative issues that are being lobbied, and gifts that have been provided to legislators and other government officials. Each year, Altria Client Services, on behalf of Altria’s companies, files more than 400 reports which detail our state-level lobbying activities and expenses. Because we believe shareholders desire and deserve transparency into our engagements on public policy issues, we also voluntarily provide substantial, detailed insight into our lobbying expenses on this website.

Since 2013, we have disclosed information about the companies' state lobbying activity by creating direct access to the government databases that contain each of the companies’ lobbying reports that we are required to file with state regulators. In addition, as a supplement to these direct links, we now further provide the yearly total, on a state-by-state basis, of the companies’ reported state lobbying expenses as disclosed on these recurring lobbying reports. Combined, this information gives shareholders significant insight into our companies’ lobbying activities.

View the State Lobbying Disclosures made by Altria’s companies.


Federal Legislative Activity

In compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act, Altria Client Services, on behalf of Altria’s companies, files quarterly reports with the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives disclosing its federal lobbying activities and expenses.

More information about the Lobbying Disclosure Act can be found on the websites of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

View the Federal Lobbying Reports for Altria's companies..


Contributions to Third Parties

While we prefer to make political expenditures directly rather than through third-party groups, Altria and its companies, like most major corporations, are members of various 501(c) organizations that may engage in public policy or political activities. Altria and its companies may not necessarily agree with every position taken by each organization to which we contribute, but we determine that the intended use of a contribution is consistent with Altria’s Vision and Our Cultural Aspiration before making a contribution to any such group. For more information about our engagement with stakeholders, please click here.

For all contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations and for contributions to 501(c)(6) organizations that exceed $50,000, we also request that the organization tell us what portion of our dues or similar payment is used for political activities, making it non-deductible under Section 162(e)(1)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code. We disclose that non-deductible portion of our contributions on an annual basis as it may be reported to us.

Based on the responses we received from such 501(c) organizations, no portion of the contributions made by Altria's companies in 2020 was used for political activities.


Leadership on Disclosure Issues

Our commitment to transparency and oversight has helped make Altria a recognized leader in political activities disclosure.

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