In 2019, Altria made a strategic investment in Cronos Group, an innovative global cannabinoid company. While Cronos Group does operate in the legal adult-use and medical THC cannabis markets in other countries, their operations in the U.S. are solely limited to its hemp-derived CBD products. Cronos Group is working toward entering the adult-use THC cannabis marketplace upon federal legalization in the U.S.

Altria supports a comprehensive federal framework for all cannabis products that is based on science and evidence. Given Altria’s extensive legislative and regulatory expertise in the U.S., we believe Altria is well positioned to support the creation of a responsible regulatory framework for CBD and THC that results in a transparent, responsible, and equitable operating environment for cannabis commerce at the federal level.

We believe it is time for a national dialogue about how to develop a responsible legal and regulatory framework for THC cannabis regulation. As part of our work in this area, Altria participates in the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation. The goal of the coalition is to identify public policy solutions and best practices to inform the development of a federal regulatory system for cannabis.


As this debate unfolds, Altria is advocating for approaches that advance an inclusive and responsible vision for the industry, including a federal regulatory framework that:

  • prevents underage use of THC cannabis;
  • promotes informed and responsible usage for adults 21 and older;
  • protects adult consumers by implementing strong standards for product manufacturing, safety, and quality;
  • invests in and integrates research, science, and data to guide product usage and innovation;
  • promotes responsible marketing, distribution, and retail practices to limit exposure to underage audiences; and
  • addresses the historical impact of THC cannabis criminalization and its societal impacts on people of color and their communities.


Although hemp-derived CBD was removed from the Controlled Substances Act in 2018, the regulatory status of CBD products in the U.S. lacks clarity. Altria is working with policy makers and regulators to find prompt, comprehensive, and pro-consumer solutions that address the regulatory uncertainties surrounding the U.S. CBD market.

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