Our Cultural Aspiration is an articulation of what we value and who we aspire to be – collectively. By showing up and leading in this way we will create the organization and culture necessary to achieve our long-term Vision. Our Cultural Aspiration respects and complements individual identity and operating company affinity. It is a way of working that we commit to pursue - together, with each other and to our external partners and stakeholders.

We shape our future.

We anticipate and embrace change. We are strategic thinkers, always scanning the horizon and learning. We take initiative and intelligent risk. We make the hard choices, advance the best ideas, and hold ourselves accountable to shared outcomes. We empower others and trust them to deliver.

We do what's right.

We act responsibly and operate with integrity, both individually and collectively. We listen, question, and speak honestly. We collaborate to solve problems. We drive positive change by advocating for what we believe and acting on it, even when it's uncomfortable. We respect those who speak up.

We care for each other.

We earn trust by engaging others with transparency, humility, and respect. We act as owners, rally as one team and have each other's backs. We inspire company pride and a sense of belonging, embracing each other's unique strengths. We welcome newcomers and develop the best, most inclusive and diverse teams.

We deliver for our consumers and customers.

Every choice we make is inspired by our consumers and customers. We work hard every day to exceed their expectations, delivering the highest quality products, unparalleled brand experiences and superior services. Regardless of our role in the organization, when we execute with quality, we deliver.

We rise to the challenge, together.

We are relentlessly focused on our vision. We have grit – passion and resilience. We are agile, utilizing intellect and judgment. While we strive to succeed, we know that things don't always go our way. We grow as people and teams when we trust one another and overcome challenges together.