You'd never know our companies came from humble beginnings by looking at them today.

When George Weyman opened his tobacconist shop in Pittsburgh in 1822, he had no idea he was taking the first steps toward creating U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, the world's largest smokeless tobacco company. And when John Middleton established his Philadelphia tobacco shop in 1856, he was paving the way to become one of America's largest cigar manufacturers.

In 1929, when Philip Morris & Co.'s leaders selected Richmond, Va. as their new manufacturing hub , they didn't realize their focus on quality would help the company soon sell more than half of all cigarettes sold in the United States.

We're proud that we've provided thousands of manufacturing jobs right here in America for almost a century. And we’re proud of the focus on quality and consumers that has helped make us the leader in the tobacco industry for 40 years.
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  • U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co.
  • John Middleton
  • Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

detail of hands inspecting stock performance chart on laptop
Altria's Board votes to increase Altria's regular quarterly dividend for the 54th time in 50 years. Altria celebrates its 100th anniversary of incorporation.
helix innovations logo
With an agreement to acquire 80% ownership of certain Burger Söhne Holding AG (the "Burger Group") companies, Altria Group enters the growing oral nicotine products category. Altria Group establishes Helix Innovations LLC, a parent company of Burger Group subsidiaries, to commercialize and distribute on!, an oral tobacco-derived nicotine pouch product.
cronos logo
Altria Group makes a significant investment in The Cronos Group, a global cannabinoid company.
Altria Group makes an investment in JUUL Labs, Inc. e-vapor company.
Altria Group acquires Sherman Group Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries (Nat Sherman).
Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (AB InBev) merges with SAB Miller plc, becoming the world's largest drink and brewing holdings company. Altria retains a 9.6% economic and voting interest in the new group, and nominates two members to AB InBev's Board of Directors.
2011 corporate responsibility report flip through
Atria launches its first online Corporate Responsibility Progress Report.
detail of old united state tobacco annual report
Altria Group acquires UST Inc., a holding company whose primary businesses manufacture and market moist smokeless tobacco products through U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, and premium wines through Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.
The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act is signed into law, giving FDA the authority to regulate the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of tobacco products.
sunrise on altria headquarters building
Altria relocates its headquarters to Richmond, Va., and completes the spin-off of Philip Morris International.
john middleton facility in king of prussia, pennsylvania
Altria spins off Kraft Foods, distributing all shares owned by Altria to Altria's shareholders. Altria acquires John Middleton.
altria headquarters lobby at 120 park ave
Philip Morris Cos. is renamed The Altria Group Inc., and remains the parent company of Kraft Foods Inc., Philip Morris International, Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris Capital Corporation.
SABMiller logo
Miller Brewing Company merges with South African Breweries to form SABMiller plc., the world's second-largest beer company, with Philip Morris Cos. retaining a continuing interest in the enlarged group.
animated gif of altria volunteers
The Philip Morris Companies Community Employee Fund (later Altria Companies Employee Community Fund and Altria Contributing Together - act) is established, enabling greater employee activity and philanthropy in our operating communities.
Kraft and General Foods combine to form Kraft General Foods.
kraft logo
Philip Morris Cos. acquires Kraft Foods Inc.
general foods logo
Philip Morris Cos. is incorporated, and becomes the publicly-held holding company and parent of Philip Morris Inc. Philip Morris Cos. acquires General Foods Corp.
PMCC logo in front of industrial machinery
Philip Morris Credit Corporation (now Philip Morris Capital Corporation) is incorporated.
Philip Morris & Co. produces its first Annual Report.

iqos logo
Under an exclusive licensing agreement with Philip Morris International, Philip Morris USA commercializes IQOS, the first heat-not-burn tobacco product to receive pre-market authorization (PMTA) by FDA.
Philip Morris USA introduces the Reseal Pack on Marlboro Ice, Marlboro’s most recent packaging innovation and the first of its kind in the United States.
original model for philip morris usa's manufacturing center
Philip Morris USA's Manufacturing Center celebrates its 40th anniversary.
philip morris usa's manufacturing center - exterior
Philip Morris consolidates its manufacturing in its state-of-the-art Richmond Manufacturing Center.
altria/philip morris usa headquarters building
Marlboro celebrates its 50th anniversary as Philip Morris USA moves headquarters to Richmond, Va.
happy woman walking down sidewalk with quit assist logo
Philip Morris USA launches, a free information resource designed to help connect adult tobacco users who have decided to quit to expert quitting information from public health authorities and others.
Philip Morris & Co., Ltd. celebrates its 100-year anniversary.
Philip Morris USA signs the Master Settlement Agreement with 46 states, five U.S. territories and the District of Columbia.
Marlboro becomes the world’s best-selling cigarette brand.
miller brewing company logo
Philip Morris Inc. acquires Miller Brewing Company.
Philip Morris & Co., Ltd. re-positions Marlboro cigarettes as a cigarette brand for men. The cigarettes included new cork-tip filters housed in a flip-top box with a red roof design.
Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. moves to 100 Park Avenue in New York. The company will eventually occupy both 100 and 120 Park Avenue as its corporate headquarters.
Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. preferred stock is offered to the public.
vintage photograph of young african american female worker at machine


Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. integrates the labor force of its manufacturing center in Richmond, Va., three decades before Civil Rights becomes law.
detail of vintage philip morris & cos. ltd. "brown box" packaging


A new firm, owned by American stockholders, acquires the U.S. Philip Morris company and incorporates in Virginia under the name Philip Morris & Co. Ltd., Inc.

detail of vintage philip morris tobacco tin


Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. is incorporated in New York.


By royal warrant, Philip Morris & Co. is appointed tobacconist for King Edward VII.


Philip Morris makes his first cigarette.

vintage photo of philip morris shop on london's bond street


Philip Morris, Esq., tobacconist and importer of fine cigars, opens a shop on Bond Street in London.


interior of the original snuff shop in nashville
The Original Snuff Shop opens in Nashville, Tn., combining a retail area carrying Copenhagen products with an engagement space celebrating U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company's brands.
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company submits application to market Copenhagen Snuff Fine Cut as a modified risk tobacco product (MRTP). Application pending FDA approval.
animated gif of us smokeless manufacturing composite
Altria acquires UST, Inc.
gavel and book on wooden table
United States Tobacco Company becomes the only smokeless tobacco manufacturer to sign the Smokeless Master Settlement Agreement with 45 state attorneys general.
United States Tobacco Company celebrates the 175th anniversary of Copenhagen by introducing Copenhagen Long Cut.
chateau ste. michelle winery at dusk
UST, Inc. enters the wine business by acquiring Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington's largest winery.
detail of US tobacco company's 1961 annual report celebrating golden anniversary, set against hanging tobacco leaves
United States Tobacco Company celebrates its 50th anniversary.
The number of United States Tobacco Company stockholders grows to 8,632, representing a dramatic 72 percent increase in five years' time.
vintage photo of women working at machines in united states tobacco facility
United States Tobacco Company constructs new packing and finishing department in Nashville, Tn.
United States Tobacco Company introduces Skoal, a wintergreen-flavored smokeless tobacco.
vintage photo of men working at machines at US tobacco company facility
Despite the Great Depression, United States Tobacco Company is one of just a handful of companies to retain all its employees and never miss a dividend payment.
Weyman-Bruton becomes the United States Tobacco Company.
Production of Copenhagen Snuff outpaces that of all Weyman & Bros.' other brands for the first time.
George Weyman, inventor of Copenhagen Snuff, opens his tobacco shop in Pittsburgh. This is the foundation of the future United States Tobacco Company.

john middleton bay at richmond manufacturing center
John Middleton begins manufacturing large machine-made cigars at Philip Morris USA's state-of-the-art Manufacturing Center in Richmond, Va.
John Middleton introduces its first two untipped cigarillo products nationwide: Black & Mild Sweets and Original.
history wall at middleton king of prussia facility, detail: "the legacy continues"
Altria acquires John Middleton from privately held Bradford Holdings.
John Middleton purchases various pipe-tobacco brands, including Prince Albert, Carter Hall, Apple and Royal Comfort.
John Middleton launches Black & Mild Pipe-Tobacco Cigarillos.
detail of hands laying out large machine-made cigars
John Middleton launches its first cigar made of pipe-tobacco.
king of prussia facility animated gif
John Middleton opens its King of Prussia facility, ending manufacturing operations in Philadelphia.
John Middleton ends its retail business to focus on manufacturing and selling its own tobacco products.
detail of vintage john middleton "blend your own pipe tobacco" advertisement
John Middleton begins manufacturing its pipe-tobacco products.
John Middleton establishes a tobacco shop in downtown Philadelphia.

patz & hall winery
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates acquires Patz & Hall Winery, one of California's most highly regarded producers of single-vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
The Washington wine industry totals 750+ wineries and 43,000+ acres of vinifera vines, making it America’s second largest producer of classic wines.
wine bottles coming off production line and being packaged
193 brands that Ste. Michelle either produce or represent receive ratings of 90 or higher from Wine Spectator Magazine – up six percent from 2012. Chateau Ste. Michelle is named Wine & Spirits' Winery of the Year for the 19th time, and is the most consistent American winery to earn such a distinction.
animated gif: ste. michelle operations and glamour shots
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates joins the Altria family of companies when Altria acquires the United State Tobacco Company. Wine Spectator names Columbia Crest 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon the No. 1 Wine in the World for 2009. It is the first Washington wine to achieve this honor.
stags leap wine cellars visitors center, looking out into vineyard and mountains
In a joint venture partnership with the Antinori family, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates acquires Stags Leap Wine Cellars of Napa Valley, one of the world's most highly regarded wineries.
erath winery tasting room and patio
Ste. Michelle acquires Erath Winery in Dundee, Ore.
Stimson Lane Vineyards & Estates is renamed Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, paying tribute to the company's flagship winery. Later that year, Chateau Ste. Michelle is named America Winery of the year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.
beauty shot: col solare family
Chateau Ste. Michelle partners with famed Italian winemaker Marchese Piero Antinori to release first vintage Col Solare.
beauty shot: domaine ste. michelle family
Domaine Ste. Michelle sparkling wines are launched.
Stimson Lane Vineyards & Estates is formed as an umbrella company overseeing a growing portfolio of wineries. Stimson Lane purchases Napa Valley properties Conn Creek and Villa Mt. Eden, one of the region’s oldest wineries.
columbia crest winery at sunset
A new winery opens to the public at the River Ridge Vineyard site, later named Columbia Crest.
original image of newly constructed chateau ste. michelle
Groundbreaking is made on Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, Wa., the company’s current headquarters
. That same year, Chateau Ste. Michelle is acquired by UST, Inc.
beauty shot: original bottle of ste. michelle's 1967 cabernet sauvignon with 50th anniversary bottle
American Wine Growers launches "Ste. Michelle" wines made from vinifera grapes grown in eastern Washington. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Semillon and Grenache Rosé are the first varieties produced.
vintage photo of vineyard in columbia valley
NAWICO begins planting vinifera grapes in the Columbia Valley.
detail from vintage pommerelle/nawico truck
NAWICO (National Wine Company) is founded in Seattle and Grandview, Wa., and Pommerelle Fruit Wines is founded in Seattle. These companies later merge to become American Wine Growers, the antecedent of the current Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.