Jon Moore

Despite New Products and Marketing Plans, Responsibility is Always Crucial

Altria is helping bring IQOS to market. But in a relatively new brand category, responsibility remains at the forefront of our marketing practices. Jon explains why.
David Sylvia

Educating Influencers to Move Harm Reduction Forward

David explains the importance of "a dialogue that starts to build trust," and how Altria relies on external engagement to help move harm reduction forward.
Amber Roos

The Evolution of Our Underage Tobacco Prevention Grant Portfolio

Amber shares the ways Success360° aids in underage tobacco prevention through targeted grants and support of key nonprofits.
Alan Farren

Investing in Employees through Skilled Trade Career Pathways

Learn how Altria is investing in skilled trade and apprenticeship programs to set up its employees for meaningful, long-term careers. Hear from one of PM USA's electrician apprentices and what the program means to him.
two men working on computer beside dried tobacco bales

Championing Supplier Diversity

In May 2018, more than 70 diverse suppliers gathered at Altria’s Headquarters in Richmond to connect, learn and network as part of Altria's longstanding commitment to Supplier Diversity and Inclusion.
Christine Smith

Supporting our Trade Partners through Responsible Programs

Keeping our tobacco products out of kids' hands is a responsibility that extends to all stakeholders, including retailers. Chris explains how we're working with our trade partners to help ensure a legal age of purchase.
Linwood Sykes

Driving Collaboration for Grower Sustainability

Linwood discusses Altria's GAP Connections program, which works with our contracted growers to establish Good Agricultural Practices, meet societal expectations and embrace standards that will lead to their success.
Janet Santana

Employee Resource Groups – A Collective Force for Diverse Perspectives

Janet, Chair of Altria's Employee Resource Group Sí, explains how Altria's ERGs engage employees of diverse backgrounds and impact our business and our culture.
Andrea Archer

Appreciating the Collective Genius at Altria

Meet Andrea, and find out how leveraging diverse talents is helping us tackle important challenges.
Julia Marshel

The Value of Bringing Your Full Self to Work: An LGBTQ Diversity Journey

Julia explains the importance of finding a safe and inclusive space at the office, and how cultures at Altria are shifting to allow our employees to bring "their full selves to work."
Ingrid Lassiter

Promoting Supplier Diversity & Inclusion in Our Communities

Ingrid explains how Altria is working towards a 15 percent supplier diversity utilization goal, which will help spark innovation in our business, sharpen our competitive advantage and bring us a vast array of insights.
Mark Bradby

Partnering with our Brand Teams on Compliance

Mark discusses Altria’s marketing compliance review process, revealing that "our employees are trained daily" to take the higher ground.
Maria Gogova Photo

Advancing the Science; Making a Difference

Over the past two decades, we’ve worked hard to understand the very complex issue of tobacco harm reduction and invested in multiple avenues to find solutions.

Phil Park Photo

Engaging with Policy Makers on the Science of Potentially-Reduced Harm Tobacco Products

The issue of tobacco harm reduction and the FDA's regulatory framework for tobacco products is complex.
Natasha Knight Photo

Contributing to Underage Prevention through Research-Driven Insights

We analyze national data sets and conduct our own research to help us better understand issues related to underage tobacco use.
Logan Son Photo

Collaborating for Retail Access Prevention Solutions

Our primary goals are to raise awareness around social source access and drive new retailer behaviors to continue to limit youth access to tobacco products at retail.
Joy Thorpe Photo

Our Culture of Compliance & Integrity

Our success requires us to partner inclusively and collaboratively and communicate transparently about our compliance and integrity efforts.

Major Milestones Reached in Altria's LGBTQ Journey

For the third year running, the Human Rights Campaign has given Altria a perfect score on its Corporate Equality Index.
Championing Women at Altria Photo

Championing Women at Altria - and Beyond

Today, we have one of the most diverse leadership teams we’ve ever had.
Ira Holliday Photo

Building Trust Through Transparency

Learn how a team increased transparency to accelerate trust within our organization.
Wendy Shields Photo

Championing Culture Change through Employee Community Engagement

I've seen how our employees and our companies have been involved in the community, generously giving and volunteering.
Jessica Hendrickson Photo

Thinking Differently about Women's Leadership Development

It is critical for our company to truly tap in to the unique talents of every employee in the organization and identify opportunities to better support our women and diverse leaders.
Maintaining Strong Labor Relations Teaser Image

Maintaining Strong Labor Relations

Altria's operating companies have an open dialogue and collaborate with hourly employees and unions representing them.
Immanuel Sutherland Teaser Photo

Inclusive Communities and Culture

This portfolio is aimed at enhancing access and equity in our communities through our diversity and inclusion, arts and culture and basic human needs philanthropic investments.
Emily Ornelas Story Teaser Photo

Recognizing our Business Partners

Our suppliers are our business partners and they directly help the success of our companies. We want to recognize suppliers for going above and beyond their normal call of duty.

Ron Hackett Story Teaser Image

Partnership for Innovative Water Reuse

The WaterHub® is one great initiative when it comes to sustainability.

Preserving the Waterway Image

Preserving the Waterway that Helped Build America

Philip Morris USA took an innovative approach to protecting a river that helped build America. Take a closer look.