Engaging With Our Trade Partners So We All Win Together


Claudia Mills

Associate Manager, Sales Communications

Altria Group Distribution Company

Because our communications are clear, effective and honest, they help strengthen our relationships with our trade partners.

I design and execute communications that inform and engage our trade partners in support of our tobacco companies’ initiatives. Our communications help our customers understand what’s happening with our companies and what they have to do as a result, including any actions they have to take. It’s critical that our communications are simple, clear and actionable.

I keep trade partners in mind while building programs so we can all win together.

Communications on our responsibility initiatives include:

  • Supporting the We Card® program. Over 90 percent of retailers have We Card® signage in stores.
  • Providing free age-verification training for retail partners through our retailer website.
  • Working with retail trade partners to verify compliance with Philip Morris USA carton limits to help prevent illicit distribution of cigarettes.
  • Requiring our retail trade partners to merchandise products in a non-self-service manner.

I keep trade partners in mind while building programs so we can all win together.

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