At Altria, we are passionate about our people, our communities and our businesses, and we actively engage in and encourage our employees to support the communities where we live and work.

On this page you will find our views on some current issues and stories that showcase what is important to us. We invite you to discover more about us – how we make a difference – in the stories below.

Featured Story

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How We Get to Moving Beyond Smoking

If we’re going to make progress in harm reduction, it’s critical to bring together diverse perspectives in an inclusive and respectful conversation. I know the best work at my company comes when we have diverse thinking and open debates.

  • Engage & Lead Responsibly
  • Harm Reduction
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Race & Equity
  • Our Value Chain
  • Prevent Underage Use
  • People & Communities
  • Protect the Environment
Billy Gifford Photo

Our Work Future: Hybrid & Flexible
A Letter to our Employees

It’s crucial that each of us commits to creating an inclusive and flexible work environment so that all our colleagues are heard – whether they’re sitting in the office next door or at their kitchen table.
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Where We Stand on Voting Rights

We believe voting is a foundational Democratic process and should be a non-partisan issue.
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Change Leadership

The market Altria competes in has become increasingly disrupted and we needed to adapt to compete successfully.
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Our Culture of Compliance & Integrity

Our success requires us to partner inclusively and collaboratively and communicate transparently about our compliance and integrity efforts.
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Building Trust Through Transparency

Learn how a team increased transparency to accelerate trust within our organization.
Billy Gifford Photo

How We Get to Moving Beyond Smoking

If we’re going to make progress in harm reduction, it’s critical to bring together diverse perspectives in an inclusive and respectful conversation. I know the best work at my company comes when we have diverse thinking and open debates.
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The Critical Importance of Engagement with the Public Health and Scientific Communities

Achieving our Vision requires engaging with the scientific and public health communities on our science and research.

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Our Science-based Approach to New Tobacco Products

We follow a rigorous scientific framework for evaluating potentially reduced risk products in our applications that enables us to assess them from design, to individual risk, to overall population impact.

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Our Focus on Responsibility Before and After FDA Authorization

We work in a highly regulated industry. It's necessary to get FDA permission to be on the market and it's necessary to satisfy the post authorization compliance requirements to stay on the market.

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Driving a Strategy to Support Adult Consumers in Cessation

We are re-evaluating our foundation for cessation support, making sure that what we're doing makes sense for the time that we're in.

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The Path Forward on Harm Reduction

My perspective on where we are, and how we make progress, is rooted not only in my passion as a scientist, but in my training and experience as a physician. I have seen the devastating health effects of smoking up close and I know how critically important it is to reduce that harm.
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Correcting Misperceptions About Nicotine

Through this comprehensive communication effort, CTP should commit resources and expertise to correct the deeply entrenched public misperceptions regarding the health risks of nicotine.
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Engaging with Policy Makers on the Science of Potentially-Reduced Harm Tobacco Products

The issue of tobacco harm reduction and the FDA's regulatory framework for tobacco products is complex.
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Educating Policy Makers to Move Harm Reduction Forward

David explains the importance of "a dialogue that starts to build trust," and how Altria relies on external engagement to help move harm reduction forward.
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Advancing the Science; Making a Difference

Over the past two decades, we’ve worked hard to understand the very complex issue of tobacco harm reduction and invested in multiple avenues to find solutions.

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Our CEO Addresses Systemic Racism with Our Employees

Inclusion & Diversity is both a moral and a business imperative, and must be a focus for employees at all Altria companies. This is about creating an environment where all employees can thrive, contribute their best and realize their full potential.
CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship Image

CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship

Altria employees to help advance policy and social wellbeing through the CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship.
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Altria Joins The Valuable 500 in Support of Individuals with Disabilities

CEO Billy Gifford has joined The Valuable 500, a global CEO community revolutionizing disability inclusion through business leadership and opportunity.
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Juneteenth Day of Healing

Living through this social awakening, the UNIFI ERG team had to process what was happening externally and then repackage it to have conversations internally with the company.
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ID&E Listening Sessions

ID&E listening sessions provide us with insights and recommendations for advancing our I&D Aiming Points.
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Better Housing Coalition

As part of our strategic giving through the Race and Equity Initiative, Altria contributed $1.75 million to the Richmond-based Better Housing Coalition (BHC) in 2020 and will invest an additional $1.25 million to total $3 million over the next two years.
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Altria Group Recognized for Its Commitment to LGBTQ Equality

Altria received a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index, the nation’s foremost benchmarking survey and report measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ workplace equality.
Major Milestones Image

Major Milestones Reached in Altria's LGBTQ Journey

For the fourth year running, the Human Rights Campaign has given Altria a perfect score on its Corporate Equality Index.
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Championing Women at Altria - and Beyond

Today, we have one of the most diverse leadership teams we’ve ever had.
Jessica Hendrickson Photo

Thinking Differently about Women's Leadership Development

It is critical for our company to truly tap in to the unique talents of every employee in the organization and identify opportunities to better support our women and diverse leaders.
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Employee Resource Groups – A Collective Force for Diverse Perspectives

Janet, Chair of Altria's Employee Resource Group Sí, explains how Altria's ERGs engage employees of diverse backgrounds and impact our business and our culture.
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Partnering on Responsible Labor Practices with International Leaf Suppliers

Altria expects our suppliers to protect human rights in our supply chains, and our Leaf Procurement team actively monitors labor allegations across the globe to observe we are conducting business responsibly.
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Protecting Natural Habitats through Responsible Agricultural Practices

To protect the health of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Pennsylvania law requires growers to have a written conservation plan documenting the Best Management Practices growers implement.
Jessica Allen

Investing in Higher Education and Agricultural Studies

Altria is involved in programs like these university scholarships because it shows that the company cares about the future of tobacco growers and their families.
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Our Supplier Diversity Employee Network

The Supplier Diversity program is purposed to increase the use of diverse suppliers in our value chain and has been in existence at Altria and its subsidiary companies since 1981.
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Recognizing our Business Partners

Our suppliers are our business partners and they directly help the success of our companies. We want to recognize suppliers for going above and beyond their normal call of duty.

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Collaborating for Retail Access Prevention Solutions

Our primary goals are to raise awareness around social source access and drive new retailer behaviors to continue to limit youth access to tobacco products at retail.
Maintaining Strong Labor Relations Image

Maintaining Strong Labor Relations

Altria's operating companies have an open dialogue and collaborate with hourly employees and unions representing them.
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Driving Collaboration for Grower Sustainability

Linwood discusses Altria's GAP Connections program, which works with our contracted growers to establish Good Agricultural Practices, meet societal expectations and embrace standards that will lead to their success.
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Partnering with our Brand Teams on Compliance

Mark discusses Altria’s marketing compliance review process, revealing that "our employees are trained daily" to take the higher ground.
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Championing Supplier Diversity

In May 2018, more than 70 diverse suppliers gathered at Altria’s Headquarters in Richmond to connect, learn and network as part of Altria's longstanding commitment to Supplier Diversity and Inclusion.
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Promoting Supplier Diversity & Inclusion in Our Communities

Ingrid explains how Altria is working towards a 15 percent supplier diversity utilization goal, which will help spark innovation in our business, sharpen our competitive advantage and bring us a vast array of insights.
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Supporting our Trade Partners through Responsible Programs

Keeping our tobacco products out of kids' hands is a responsibility that extends to all stakeholders, including retailers. Chris explains how we're working with our trade partners to help ensure a legal age of purchase.
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Adopting Age Validation Technology at Retail

By providing hardware and tech-support, we are making age validation technology more accessible to many small chains and mom-and-pop stores.
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The Evolution of Our Underage Prevention Grant Portfolio

Amber shares the ways Success360° aids in underage prevention through targeted grants and support of key nonprofits.
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Despite New Products and Marketing Plans, Responsibility is Always Crucial

Altria is helping bring IQOS to market. But in a relatively new brand category, responsibility remains at the forefront of our marketing practices. Jon explains why.
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Launch of Rise

People don't often realize it but there is a uniqueness in the strength and skills that are built in with balancing diverse abilities or caregiving.
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act Ambassador

Work is more than just the job that we do, but how we impact society and the world around you.
A women leaning at the glittering wall and posing for a picture

Caregiving Benefits & the Sandwich Generation

Sage ERG helped me understand and learn more about all the dependent care benefits offered to employees.
Launch of Employee Civic Action Image

Launch of Employee Civic Action

We have long supported employees in contributing their time and resources in communities where they live and work, encouraging individuals to become part of something bigger and instilling a greater sense of purpose in our culture.
Virtual Volunteering Image

Virtual Volunteering

Volunteering is an aspect of community engagement in which many Altria employees take great pride. That’s why, when the pandemic interrupted in-person volunteering, the act team created virtual volunteering opportunities that we can complete from anywhere, using a computer or smartphone.
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SCOTUS Title VII Ruling Support & VA Values Act

Altria is committed to treating all its employees fairly and with respect. We invest in a diverse workforce not only because our values forbid discrimination in any form, but also because creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits both the company and its employees.
Disaster Relief Efforts story Image

Disaster Relief Efforts

Altria employees are community-minded and passionate about serving others. Despite hardship brought on by the pandemic and the abundant stress of 2020, many employees were still seeking ways to lend a hand to their neighbors in need.
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New Technologies Help Protect Altria Employees from COVID-19

Two of ALCS employees spent the bulk of 2020 identifying and deploying new technologies to help protect Altria employees from COVID-19. One of their successful pilots was a technology called TraceTags™.
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Championing Culture Change through Employee Community Engagement

I've seen how our employees and our companies have been involved in the community, generously giving and volunteering.
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Inclusive Communities & Culture

This portfolio is aimed at enhancing access and equity in our communities through our diversity and inclusion, arts and culture and basic human needs philanthropic investments.
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The Value of Bringing Your Full Self to Work: An LGBTQ Diversity Journey

Julia explains the importance of finding a safe and inclusive space at the office, and how cultures at Altria are shifting to allow our employees to bring "their full selves to work."
Andrea Archer image

Appreciating the Collective Genius at Altria

Meet Andrea, and find out how leveraging diverse talents is helping us tackle important challenges.
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Investing in Employees through Skilled Trade Career Pathways

Learn how Altria is investing in skilled trade and apprenticeship programs to set up its employees for meaningful, long-term careers. Hear from one of PM USA's electrician apprentices and what the program means to him.
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Altria Recognized with Double 'A' Score for Global Climate and Water Stewardship

Altria has been awarded a double 'A' rating for tackling climate change and protecting water security by CDP, a non-profit that runs a global disclosure system on managing environmental impact.

Recognized For Environmental Leadership Image

Altria Recognized for Environmental Leadership

Altria's greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets have been approved for the first time by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

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Partnership for Innovative Water Reuse

The WaterHub® is one great initiative when it comes to sustainability.

Preserving the Waterway image

Preserving the Waterway that Helped Build America

Philip Morris USA took an innovative approach to protecting a river that helped build America. Take a closer look.