Appreciating the Collective Genius at Altria


Andrea Archer

Senior Director, Human Resources Business Partner

Altria Client Services

One of my goals is making certain diversity and inclusion are a natural part of how we do business. With a diverse group, everyone contributes individually and collectively to the success of an organization.

Our senior leaders are making progress by holding themselves accountable through diversity and inclusion goals and personal plans. Additionally, strong leadership from our Employee Resource Groups has created a platform for their members and all employees to discuss and share business initiatives we are trying to achieve, as well as discuss societal issues that impact everyone.

Hear from Andrea Archer, Senior Director, Human Resources Business Partner, to find out how leveraging diverse talents is helping us tackle important challenges.

I credit Altria for providing a strong foundation for diversity and inclusion, which allows all employees to share a common understanding of these key concepts. Beyond that common understanding, many employees choose to learn more about inclusion in their own way, including reading books and articles as well as attending talks and workshops. For example, our Chief Operating Officer moderated a discussion with sales force employees on the book The Inclusion Dividend: Why Investing in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Off.

In my role, recognizing the collective genius of all of us is really inspiring.

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Championing Supplier Diversity

In May 2018, more than 70 diverse suppliers gathered at Altria’s Headquarters in Richmond to connect, learn and network as part of Altria's longstanding commitment to Supplier Diversity and Inclusion.
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SCOTUS Title VII Ruling Support & VA Values Act

Altria is committed to treating all its employees fairly and with respect and we invest in a diverse workforce.
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