Building Trust Through Transparency

Ira Holliday

Senior Manager
Workforce Planning Strategy

Altria Client Services

One of the drivers of Altria's organizational strength is an atmosphere of trust; employees that have trusting relationships can share information more freely and drive innovation forward. In 2019, I co-led a cross-functional team aimed at increasing transparency to accelerate trust within our organization. Our team identified two areas where employees wanted access to more information: our diversity data and our compensation structures. 

For many years, Altria has focused on inclusion and diversity efforts, but employees did not have access to data to see the progress themselves. We partnered with our Information Services and People Analytics teams to create an easily accessible data platform, including breakdowns of our employee data by race and gender, with filters such as function or tenure. Hopefully this interactive tool allows employees to feel more connected to our diversity aspiration journey.

Employees also expressed interest in transparency around pay equity across different demographic groups. Our team worked with HR to examine our equitable compensation processes for salaried employees, such as external benchmarks and annual statistical analysis to ensure that women and men are paid on par with each other. We also wanted employees to have more confidence in Altria's approach to pay equity through access to this information. In partnership with the HR Compensation Team, we released a new annual compensation report, which includes detailed compensation structures and comparison data by gender and race. Sharing pay equity information empowers employees with knowledge and ultimately builds trust throughout the organization.

This work would not have been possible without the GREAT talents of my teammates and the commitment of our executive champions!

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Major Milestones Reached in Altria's LGBTQ Journey

For the fourth year running, the Human Rights Campaign has given Altria a perfect score on its Corporate Equality Index.
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Our Culture of Compliance & Integrity

Our success requires us to partner inclusively and collaboratively and communicate transparently about our compliance and integrity efforts.