CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship

In 2018, Altria signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and pledged to build a more inclusive, diverse and productive workplace. In the midst of the racial justice movement this past summer, the CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship brought CEO Action signatories together to work collectively to advance racial equity through public policy.

Two Altria employees – Brandy Akins and May Nivar – were selected to join nearly 250 other Fellows full-time to identify, develop and promote scalable and sustainable policies and corporate engagement strategies that will address systemic racism and social injustice and improve societal well-being.

The Fellows are focused in four key areas: education, healthcare, public safety and economic empowerment. Brandy and May will lend their diverse experiences, skill sets and perspectives to help bridge gaps, collaborate and facilitate change in our communities, and bring best practices back to Altria.

Read the Richmond Times Dispatch article about the Fellowship appointment.

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