New Technologies Help Protect Altria Employees from COVID-19

Kevin Harrup, Manager, Emerging Technologies, ALCS, and Mohammad Zafar, Associate Analyst, Technology, ALCS, spent the bulk of 2020 identifying and deploying new technologies to help protect Altria employees from COVID-19. One of their successful pilots was a technology called TraceTags™. 
TraceTags™ are industrial-grade, wearable devices that emit an audible alert when people are less than six feet apart. Each employee has a designated device that logs the precise time and duration of their close-contact interactions while at work. This helps to reinforce social distancing protocols and also assists with contact tracing if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.  
After piloting the technology in U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company's Clarksville and Nashville facilities, the number of interactions within six feet dropped by more than 70 percent. Employees used the audible feedback to immediately self-correct their behaviors. Additionally, management was able to use TraceTag™ data to identify where they needed to strengthen existing safeguards. The team expanded the manufacturing facilities of Altria’s other tobacco companies as quickly as possible.

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SCOTUS Title VII Ruling Support & VA Values Act

Altria is committed to treating all its employees fairly and with respect. We invest in a diverse workforce not only because our values forbid discrimination in any form, but also because creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits both the company and its employees.
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Disaster Relief Efforts

Altria employees are community-minded and passionate about serving others. Despite hardship brought on by the pandemic and the abundant stress of 2020, many employees were still seeking ways to lend a hand to their neighbors in need.
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Better Housing Coalition

As part of our strategic giving through the Race and Equity Initiative, Altria contributed $1.75 million to the Richmond-based Better Housing Coalition (BHC) in 2020 and will invest an additional $1.25 million to total $3 million over the next two years.