Altria's companies have a strong American heritage stretching back more than 190 years. 

We are a FORTUNE 200 company, proud to call Richmond, Virginia our home. We are guided by our Vision and led by Our Cultural Aspiration. Our people and companies address tough industry issues, like reducing the health effects of tobacco use and preventing underage tobacco use. And we focus on strengthening the communities where we live and work.

Exterior photo of the Altria sign at sunriseWe know that businesses that are great over the long term – like ours – must earn today's success while preparing for tomorrow's opportunities. And we are doing just that.

Our Vision by 2030 is to responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future. Altria is Moving Beyond Smoking™, leading the way in moving adult smokers away from cigarettes by taking action to transition millions to potentially less harmful choices - believing it is a substantial opportunity for adult tobacco consumers, our businesses and society.

Altria has a leading portfolio of tobacco products for U.S. tobacco consumers 21+. Our tobacco companies – which have been the undisputed market leaders in the U.S. tobacco industry for decades – include some of the most enduring names in American business: Philip Morris USA, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, the maker of Copenhagen and Skoal. We also own John Middleton, manufacturer of Black & Mild cigars. Altria's smoke-free portfolio includes ownership of Helix Innovations LLC (Helix), the maker of on! oral nicotine pouches, exclusive U.S. commercialization rights to the IQOS Tobacco Heating System® and Marlboro HeatSticks®, and an equity investment in JUUL Labs, Inc. (JUUL).

We complement our total tobacco platform with our significant equity investment in Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer and our 42 percent stake in Cronos Group, a leading Canadian  cannabinoid company.

Our Approach

The future of the tobacco industry is about innovation, harm reduction and informed consumer choice. With FDA regulation of the tobacco industry in place, we focus our tremendous resources and talented people on reducing the risk of tobacco products, while expanding choices for adult consumers aged 21 and older. 

We are actively preparing for a time where adult smokers overwhelmingly choose smoke-free tobacco products over cigarettes. Today, our portfolio of smoke-free products and investments includes leading products across:


  • Heat-not-burn;
  • Moist smokeless tobacco and oral nicotine pouches; and
  • E-vapor.

Our people have achieved decades of industry leadership using our world class sales and distribution system and our experience in managing difficult issues in a highly regulated environment. Now, we bring those capabilities to expand potentially reduced risk options. We focus on:


  • Expanding choices for adult tobacco consumers through our companies, our strategic partners and investments.
  • Advocating to FDA on behalf of products that could present lower risk.
  • Taking a responsible approach that will allow us to continue being the leader in the tobacco industry.


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Recognizing our Business Partners

Our suppliers are our business partners and they directly help the success of our companies. We want to recognize suppliers for going above and beyond their normal call of duty.

Why Work at Altria?

To meet our business goals now and into the future, we need great people to help us Shape the Future, Grow People & Teams and Deliver Winning Results.

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Heritage

For nearly a century, our companies have supported numerous efforts to champion equality for and conduct business with diverse people and teams.