That’s where Altria is focused today.
Our companies have a long history of leading the industry.​ Today, adult smokers are increasingly seeking new opti​ons, including those that reduce risk. We're working to provide those choices.


Reducing risk.​
The future of our industry is about innovation, harm reduction and informed consumer choice.​
​​​​More than half of adult smokers – millions of people – are looking for innovative alternatives to cigarettes that reduce the risk of smoking.
That’s why Altria is investing in a portfolio of new products that satisfy changing preferences and have the potential for lower risk. Through product innovations, we strive to give consumers the choices they want today — and develop new technologies for tomorrow.
Altria was the first and only company in the industry to support FDA regulation of tobacco. This was the necessary first step to bring innovative, reduced-risk products to market.
Today, FDA acknowledges the continuum of risk for tobacco products and recognizes the role non-combustible products may play in reducing harm for smokers.​ We are greatly encouraged by the FDA's commitment to harm reduction and by its stated goal to "encourage innovative, less harmful and satisfying non-combustible products for adults who need or want nicotine."

Expanding choice.​
Altria is leveraging the resources across our company to offer a new portfolio of product options for adult tobacco consumers, with the potential to reduce risk.
We are focused on providing a compelling portfolio of non-combustible products that adult smokers enjoy, while conducting the necessary science to bring them to market. We focus on meeting three important consumer expectations:
  • superior sensory experiences and nicotine satisfaction;
  • reduced health risks and accurate relative risk information; and
  • the ability to avoid social friction.

We believe these product platforms have the potential to drive adult smoker conversion, and we’re seeking regulatory authorization to inform adult smokers of the facts about those choices. 
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