We understand the rigor needed to demonstrate that new products are in fact less harmful than cigarettes. Our scientists span various disciplines and share the common goal of tobacco harm reduction.

To support our scientific efforts, we established a rigorous scientific framework based on the FDA's guidance to evaluate potentially reduced-harm tobacco products.



Our scientific approach focuses on:

  • measuring harmful and potentially harmful compounds;
  • evaluating the product's health effects; 
  • researching how adult tobacco consumers use the product and their understanding of its risk; and
  • substantiating that the product is unlikely to appeal to unintended audiences.



We share the results of our scientific studies with the FDA and others through peer-reviewed journals, conference presentations, one-on-one meetings, and on a website designed for scientists, public health and regulatory experts to review the science.


In 2019, we conducted 34 Harm Reduction engagements, 1 Keynote speech, 8 Panel discussions, 72 External Presentations and 26 Science & Policy Conferences

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Animal Care & Use Statement

Altria and its companies take animal research seriously and understand the sensitivities involved in the use of animals in scientific research.
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Submit Your Idea

To develop a compelling portfolio of reduced harm products, we combine the skills of our scientists, engineers and product developers. We believe true innovation involves collaboration and engagement. If you have a concept, methodology or other technology you would like to share, visit the visit the Altria Open Innovation Portal.