For adult consumers concerned about the health effects of tobacco use, the best thing to do is quit. For many, quitting can be very difficult. For those who decide to quit, we offer QuitAssist®, an online resource to help them be more successful.
Developed with a review board of smoking cessation experts, QuitAssist highlights the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Five Keys for Quitting" and helps connect adult tobacco users who have decided to quit to expert quitting information from public health authorities and others. In 2020, we began the process of re-evaluating QuitAssist to ensure the site provides cessation resources that are effective and inclusive of the diverse population of adult consumers who have made the decision to quit.

Our 2025 Goal

Provide access to expert quitting information for those who have decided to quit.

We communicate about QuitAssist through our corporate and product websites, email and direct mail. Since its launch in 2004, the website has received over 3.9 million visits. In 2019, the legal age of purchase moved to 21 at the federal level, giving 18, 19 and 20-year old tobacco users a prime opportunity to decide to quit. 

With this understanding, from 2020 to 2021 we increased investments in digital advertising and online search to raise awareness of the expert tips and resources located on QuitAssist continued this work through 2021. Through these advertising and search investments, site visits increased more than 248 percent in 2020 year-over-year, far exceeding our goal of increasing visits by 50 percent.

Our cessation support strategy continues to evolve. We are considering ongoing accessibility and equity in supporting the quitting journey of a diverse set of adult tobacco consumers who have decided to quit a range of different tobacco products – not just cigarettes. This will require engagement with public health cessation experts and a deep understanding of the landscape of products, users and the barriers to quitting as well as to provide the most effective quitting resources through QuitAssist.

Moving Beyond Smoking

Altria’s companies are leading the way in moving adult smokers away from cigarettes – by taking action to transition millions toward potentially less harmful choices. Learn More

We're also focused on modernizing the site with the most up-to-date tobacco cessation resources, optimizing for mobile use, and adding more inclusive and relatable testimonials from a broader range of adult tobacco consumers who have successfully quit tobacco use.

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Driving a Strategy to Support Adult Consumers in Cessation

We are re-evaluating our foundation for cessation support, making sure that what we're doing makes sense for the time that we're in. We work closely with our colleagues in regulatory sciences to generate insights that allow us to make informed decisions. The work supports the company by continuing to be evidence based and done with integrity.
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Caron Treatment Centers

Since 2001, Altria has partnered with Caron Treatment Centers to focus on providing nicotine cessation support to help kids quit using cigarettes. Our partnership has evolved over the years and recently they launched a digital learning platform for students, parents and professionals.