We know family is the most important thing to our employees. That's why we offer competitive benefits packages for our employees and their families, including (depending on position and location):


  • Consumer-Driven Health Plan coverage
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA)
  • Preventive medical and select generic prescription drugs covered in full in-network
  • Dental coverage up to $2,000 annually
  • Orthodontia coverage paid at 50%, up to a $2,500 lifetime maximum
  • Eye exams and lenses every 12 months, frames every 24 months
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance paid by the Company
  • A Company-paid Short-Term Disability Plan for disabilities lasting up to 26 weeks at full pay
  • A Company-paid Long-Term Disability Plan after you have exhausted 26 weeks of Short-Term Disability
  • Access to a personal Health Advocate to help you navigate the health care system. Your Advocate can help you find the best doctors, obtain second opinions, sort out health care billing issues, obtain approvals for certain services and get your questions answered.
  • For employees who want to create a family through surrogacy or fertility treatments (medical diagnosis of infertility not required), the company will reimburse up to $35,000 per surrogacy arrangement or for fertility-related costs (e.g. IVF treatments). Also available is a lifetime maximum of $10,000 for cryopreservation.
  • Unlimited lifetime maximum for infertility treatment services (medical diagnosis required)


This summary is for informational purposes only. All benefits are subject to the applicable plan documents, including restrictions and limitations on eligibility and coverage. The terms of the plan documents, including the Summary Plan Descriptions that are available to employees, control in the event of any conflict with this summary or any other verbal or written communications you may receive related to the benefits of an Altria employee.

Note: Benefits vary depending on position and location.