Our employees' commitment enables our companies to create and grow some of the biggest brands in the largest tobacco categories, maintain superior trade relationships and drive shareholder value.

At Altria, we recognize the power of diverse teams – unique individuals who don’t think or look alike – working together to achieve our Vision. To win in the future, we need to build on that passion to transform our business, talent and culture. That's why in the beginning of 2020, we launched Our Vision, Our Cultural Aspiration and the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Aiming Points. Our Cultural Aspiration is the articulation of who we are and what we value collectively.

Inclusion & Diversity Aiming Points

To that end, we're dedicated to reaching the following aspirational I&D Aiming Points:


  • Be an inclusive place to work for all employees, regardless of level, demographic group or work function.
  • Have equal numbers of men and women among our Vice Presidents (VP) and our Directors.
  • Increase our VPs and our Directors who are Asian, Black, Hispanic or two or more races to at least 30 percent.
  • Increase our VPs and our Directors who are LGBTQ+, a person with a disability or a veteran.
  • Have diverse leadership teams that reflect the organizations they lead.


We're committed to becoming the company we need to be to achieve our long-term Vision. We believe that achieving our I&D Aiming Points will likely take between five and ten years and requires commitment, transparency and accountability.

Our I&D Progress

We've made progress in several areas and recognize we still have work to do. Learn more about our focus for 2021, how we're holding our leaders accountable and see below for where we ended 2020.

Altria's Workforce Representation

While we measure our progress by our I&D Aiming Points, we recognize the importance of transparently reporting workforce data in a systematic way. Altria's 2020 Consolidated EEO-1 report can be found here. This report, filed in May 2021, reflects data as of December 31, 2020 and is inclusive of all of Altria's operating companies.

Our CEO Commitments 

We also recognize that we have much to learn from others. We're committed to listening and learning from outside experts and others committed to advancing ID&E, and then translating that learning into action. Our CEO has joined three external communities and made specific commitments to advance our ID&E policies and practices.

Our CEO Addresses Systemic Racism with Our Employees 

Our executive leadership is committed to taking significant steps to drive long-lasting change. Read a memo to employees from our CEO, Billy Gifford.
Catalyst CEO logo

Catalyst CEO Champions for Change

This transformational diversity and inclusion initiative was launched by Catalyst – a global thought leader and partner in accelerating the progress of women at work for over 50 years.
CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion

CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship

CEO Action for Racial Equity is a fellowship that provides the opportunity for CEO Action signatories to advance racial equity through public policy. Using CEO Action as a platform, it will mobilize the business community collectively across industries and regions to enact change.
Valuable 500 logo

The Valuable 500

A global CEO community revolutionizing disability inclusion through business leadership and opportunity.

By joining The Valuable 500, Altria commits to ensure that disability inclusion is on our senior leadership agenda, make at least one firm commitment to action and share our commitment with the business and the world.

Holding Leaders Accountable

Accelerated by the national conversation about race and the experience of Black Americans, our leaders initiated a series of on-going conversations to better understand the Black employee experience at Altria. Following multiple listening sessions, survey feedback from salaried Black employees, and conversations with Black senior leaders, we learned that many of our Black employees were looking for additional support for their development and more advancement opportunities. This motivated us to prioritize and take action to improve the Black employee experience at Altria.

As an example, we introduced an Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E) Rating to drive accountability for cultural fluency among people leaders. In order to drive progress toward our Aiming Points, every people leader at Altria will receive an ID&E Rating that will be documented as part of that leader’s performance assessment. This rating is determined with input from direct reports, skip-level employees where applicable, peers and managers.

ID&E Rating

In 2020, the ID&E Rating was factored into performance assessments for all executives (VP+). Executives needed to be assessed with an "Ally" or "Advocate" ID&E Rating to be eligible to earn the top performance rating.

In 2021, all people leaders will be assessed using this rating and, beginning in 2022, only those leaders who are rated an Ally or Advocate can earn the top performance rating or be eligible for a promotion.

Learn more about our ID&E Ratings in our Supporting Our People & Communities report.

Examining Talent Disparities & Barriers  

In 2020, the Altria Leadership Team spent considerable time reviewing our talent system and data in the following areas: hiring; performance ratings; compensation; promotion rates; engagement and inclusion survey results; development opportunities; and separations. An evaluation of our development, advancement and talent system was an important step in making progress toward the organization’s inclusion and diversity initiatives.

With the objective of removing any barriers to advancement and development, enhancing fair opportunity and reducing bias, the Altria Leadership Team committed to several enhanced talent practices:

  • Reviewing all promotion-ready employees on our executive succession plans
  • Identifying and challenging any barriers to advancement
  • Tracking progress against specific development plans and actions
  • Ensuring promotion-ready employees are included when job opportunities and development experiences are available
  • Supporting Black employees and creating specific hiring and development strategies to address functions with significant Black employee representation gaps. 



Open Talent Marketplace

To address bias and enhance access to development opportunities, we're launching an internal Open Talent Marketplace (OTM).

The OTM enables any employee to apply for relevant full-time job openings or learning positions across the enterprise. The intention of this model is to increase awareness of, and access to, new opportunities, empower individuals in navigating their career, and drive a more diverse talent pool for each job posting.

Read more about our efforts in our Supporting Our People & Communities Report.

Any talent disparities will be monitored and evaluated, in collaboration with Human Resources and our Law department, on an ongoing basis. Through ongoing listening sessions with employee groups across various dimensions of identity, we're working toward a more inclusive workplace where all employees feel they have opportunities for development and growth.

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Where We Stand on Voting Rights

We believe voting is a foundational Democratic process and should be a non-partisan issue.

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Launch of Rise

People don't often realize it but there is a uniqueness in the strength and skills that are built in with balancing diverse abilities or caregiving.
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Juneteenth Day of Healing

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