We will achieve our long-term Vision by remaining an employer of choice in a rapidly evolving talent market — providing experiences that help our workforce achieve their full potential and doing what’s right in our communities — investing, volunteering and collaborating to drive positive change.

"Our compensation, benefits, culture and commitment to community investment and volunteerism have long helped us attract, retain and engage the best employees. And we know to achieve our Vision by 2030, we must continue to invest in our employees to help them perform their best. " 

Charlie Whitaker
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Altria Group

The updated scope of our Supporting Our People & Communities focus area is an acknowledgement that we must be as intentional about supporting progress and driving change in the community as we are inside our walls. The values our employees demonstrate at work every day and the things we hold important must match our actions, including how we interact with our community.

Supporting our people and communities is a commitment we have long taken seriously. This commitment depends on our building an inclusive, diverse and equitable culture at Altria and its companies, helping to address racial and economic inequities in the communities where we operate, and building the capability and supporting the well-being of both our workforce and the community. These elements in our Supporting Our People & Communities focus area are intertwined and call for a balance of internal and external action.

Our 2025 Goals

Over the next five years, it's important for us to lead the way through our own actions and collaborate with our trusted partners to drive responsibility progress within and beyond our walls – among our employees and with our communities.

  • Increase the diversity of our organization and leadership team while building an inclusive and equitable culture.
  • Address systemic racism and advance social and economic equity in the communities where we live and work.
  • Drive business and social impact through engagement and partnership with a diverse portfolio of stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the well-being of our workforce and community stakeholders.
  • Build the capability of our workforce and communities to successfully navigate an uncertain and rapidly changing environment.

Our Approach

Every employee at Altria has ownership in positively contributing to our business, and our Cultural Aspiration and Code of Conduct (Code) outline the expectations for how Altria employees show up – both internally and externally. 

Our long-established Code continues to provide a framework for operating with integrity, providing guidance for how we work and how we behave. It reflects Altria’s expectations of how we conduct our businesses. Our Code is part of our enterprise-wide Compliance & Integrity (C&I) Program supported by the Altria Board and by the management of Altria’s companies.

Our C&I Program promotes a culture that encourages both ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance to drive performance. Altria's Chief Compliance Officer, along with key compliance personnel, work diligently to provide training and communications for all employees about our Code, our workplace policies and important C&I metrics.

Our dedicated leadership roles and functional resources are responsible for the enterprise strategies that help support progress toward our Cultural Aspiration and Inclusion & Diversity Aiming Points, including our Chief Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Officer and the Inclusion, Diversity & Equity department, our network of Employee Resource Groups and the Altria Diversity Council. 

Our employees are required to understand and follow the Code and recognize that all individuals, regardless of position or function, have an obligation to speak up. Our employees also have access to 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week resources to raise concerns, ask questions and report compliance incidents when they occur.

Our People & Communities Scope
people talking in a conference

Inclusion & Diversity

We recognize the power of diverse teams – unique individuals who don’t think or look alike – working together to shape our future.
Racial and economic equity Teaser

Racial & Economic Equity

We are committed to addressing systemic racism and advance social and economic equity.  
Positive impact through engagement and partnership

Community Engagement & Partnership

It is critical that we drive business and social impact through engagement and partnership with a diverse portfolio of stakeholders. 
Well-being of employees and communities Teaser

Well-being of Employees & Communities

We are committed to designing and maintaining safe workplaces and facilities for our employees, contractors, and visitors.
Workforce and community capability building

Workforce & Community Capability Building

Our goal is to build the capability of our workforce and our community to successfully navigate an uncertain and rapidly changing environment.

Our Voice & Actions