Our success depends on our people and how we conduct business. We pursue our business objectives with integrity and in full compliance with all applicable laws.

We work hard to achieve a culture of compliance and integrity that:

  • prevents misconduct;
  • identifies and addresses misconduct promptly and effectively when it does occur; and
  • makes it easy for employees to always do the right thing.

Our Compliance & Integrity Program starts with the Altria Code of Conduct (Code) as a framework for operating with integrity, providing guidance for how we work and how we behave. Altria's Standards for Compliance & Integrity outlines the structure for our Compliance & Integrity program, and our Code outlines key risk areas and the principles that guide employees' actions.

Altria’s CEO, the Board of Directors and senior officers are accountable for Altria's Compliance & Integrity Program.

Speaking Up & Preventing Retaliation

Our compliance and integrity program is built on personal accountability. We require our employees to speak up if they believe misconduct has occurred or if something just doesn’t seem right. We also make it clear that we will not tolerate retaliation against employees who raise good faith compliance concerns.


All employees receive training on the Code and how to use it in decision making. The Code also requires employees to speak up if they believe misconduct has taken place. We expect our employees to comply with the Code and company policies relevant to their jobs.

Compliance & Integrity Investigations Activity

We act promptly, professionally and confidentially in response to any report or concern of a potential violation of our Code, policies or the law. We investigate allegations we receive, without exception. We report the findings from investigations to our employees on an annual basis.

In 2019, about 35 percent of employee compliance concerns came from management reports or observations, with the remaining cases coming primarily through in-person reports and through the Integrity HelpLine.

We substantiated misconduct in 139 of the 285 cases in 2019 – a substantiation rate of 49 percent. Management worked with Human Resources (and other subject matter experts, as needed) to determine appropriate disciplinary or corrective action for violations, such as termination, suspension, warnings and counseling. None of the substantiated cases involved matters or amounts that were material to Altria. 

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Our Culture of Compliance & Integrity 

Our success requires us to partner inclusively and collaboratively and communicate transparently about our compliance and integrity efforts.