Our safety goal is simple – we want all employees to have an injury-free career. We’re committed to occupational injury and illness prevention and to full compliance with laws and regulations relating to employee safety and health.

Safety is more than our number one priority; it’s a serious commitment to ensure every teammate works injury free.

We continually update our policies, procedures and equipment as new developments occur in safety and health standards, as advances are made in technology and as market conditions change. From manufacturing facilities to offices, safety is embedded in our culture and requires the day-to-day dedication of teammates for everyone to have an injury-free career. Achieving this goal requires each employee to commit to an injury-free career by complying with safety requirements, performing job duties in a safe manner, and watching those around them each day. Our "Injury-Free Career Culture" is an effort to eliminate injuries and fully engage employees in safety by:


  • communicating safety through all avenues;
  • applying internal safety requirements/guidelines;
  • applying training in the workplace;
  • participating in safety initiatives and the development of best practices;
  • planning safety into business processes;
  • recognizing and celebrating strong safety performance; and
  • enforcing safety fairly and consistently.


* last published in 2018