Adult tobacco and wine consumers come from all different backgrounds with changing tastes and a wide range of personal preferences. It's important to invite our diverse co-workers to share their experiences to help our businesses connect with these diverse adult consumers. 

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring together groups of employees with shared characteristics or life experiences to help the company benefit from our diversity and become more inclusive. Through our ERGs, we're able to better understand and connect with suppliers, our adult consumers and each other.

Altria's ERGs:


Elevating Asian Strengths and Talents

Elevate Asian strengths and talent to help Altria achieve its mission in a global environment.


Altria's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network

Work to foster greater diversity, creativity and innovation by promoting a culture of inclusion and opportunity.


Altria's Military Network

Leverage the skills, values and culture of our company's current and former service members.


Altria's Hispanic Network

Leverage Hispanic talent for solutions and insights in achieving Altria's Vision.


Young Professionals Network

Enhance Altria’s position as the place for young professionals to establish and grow meaningful careers.


Altria's Black Employee Network

Strengthen diversity of the leadership pipeline, foster professional development and leverage unique cultural insights of Altria's Black employees.

Women in Manufacturing

Extend the benefits of a national association dedicated to the attraction, development and retention of women in the manufacturing industry.

Women in Sales

Altria Group Distribution Company (AGDC)

Work to develop the careers of the women in AGDC’s sales force.

Women's Network

Serve as a catalyst for the development and advancement of women within the Altria family of companies.

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