Our employees’ leadership and passion to succeed have enabled us to create and grow some of the biggest brands in the largest tobacco categories, maintain superior trade relationships and drive shareholder value.
To win in the future, we need to build on that passion to transform our business, talent and culture. That’s why when we launched Our Path Forward, which includes Our 10-year Vision, we also included Our Cultural Aspiration and the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Aiming Points. Our Cultural Aspiration is a simple, clear articulation of who we are and what we value – collectively. By showing up and leading with Our Cultural Aspiration, we will create the organization and culture necessary to achieve our long-term Vision.

Inclusion & Diversity Aiming Points

We recognize the power of diverse teams – unique individuals who don’t think or look alike – working together to shape our future. We believe our personal success and progress should be determined by working towards Our Cultural Aspiration, and not the shoes we walk in. And we’re all inspired to bring our best because our unique strengths are valued. While we’ve talked a lot about being this company, we’ve haven’t made the progress at the pace that most of us would like. Learning from our past, we’re committed to becoming the company we need to be to achieve our 10-year Vision. To that end, we’re dedicated to reaching the following aspirational I&D Aiming Points as soon as possible:


  • Be an inclusive place to work for all employees, regardless of level, demographic group or work function.
  • Have equal numbers of men and women among our VPs and our Directors.
  • Increase our VPs and our Directors who are Asian, Black, Hispanic or two or more races to at least 30 percent.
  • Increase our VPs and our Directors who are LGBTQ+, a person with a disability or a veteran.
  • Have diverse leadership teams that reflect the organizations they lead.


We believe that achieving all of our I&D Aiming Points will likely take between five and ten years. It will require commitment, transparency and accountability.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our ERGs bring together groups of employees with shared characteristics or life experiences to help the company benefit from our diversity and become more inclusive.

Major Milestones Reached in Altria's LGBTQ Journey

For the fourth year running, the Human Rights Campaign has given Altria a perfect score on its Corporate Equality Index.