Society has a growing expectation for companies to demonstrate leadership on solving challenging environmental and social issues, particularly where traditional institutions have fallen short. Investors increasingly view environmental, social and governance factors as part of a company’s fiduciary duty. Consumers are more interested in buying responsible brands. And employees are seeking greater purpose from their employer and their jobs.

Responsibility is a journey, not a destination. The tobacco industry is changing, requiring us to continuously listen to stakeholders, adjust business practices and communicate our progress. Informed by our stakeholders' expectations, we identified four responsibility priorities.


Where We're Focused

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Tobacco Harm Reduction

We're leveraging the resources across our companies, and through strategic investments, to offer the most diverse portfolio of products to satisfy evolving adult preferences and convert smokers to lower risk products.
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Supply Chain Responsibility

Our goal is to work with diverse, high-quality suppliers to innovate and address societal issues within the supply chain.
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Marketing Responsibly

Altria's companies make some of the most iconic brands. Our companies make tobacco products and wine for adults. Society expects us to market them responsibly. We completely agree.
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Our Employees

To meet our business goals now and into the future, we need great people to help us shape our future, do what’s right, care for each other, deliver for our consumers and customers and rise to the challenge together.

2019 Corporate Responsibility Progress Report

This report illustrates our continued progress toward reaching our responsibility focus area goals. It includes data and progress for the calendar year 2019. The content is focused on Altria’s four responsibility priorities: reducing the harm of tobacco products – including preventing underage tobacco use, marketing responsibly, managing our supply chain responsibly, and developing our employees and culture. Additional environmental, social and governance ("ESG") topics and progress, including how we are working to reduce our environmental impact, are also covered in this report.

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Reporting Disclosure

Our disclosure is guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the leading sustainability reporting framework, and the disclosure standards set forth by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. You can find our GRI and SASB disclosure indices and tables on We’re in the early stages of aligning with the Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) – primarily through our CDP Climate Change and Water Security Risk disclosures. The World Economic Forum is also in the process of finalizing its proposed draft of a common set of sustainability metrics and disclosures. We will continue to monitor these important, evolving disclosure standards and align future reporting as appropriate. 

Historical Reports

Demonstrating Leadership

We're also focused on several other areas that help make our business, our community and our environment stronger.