In alignment with Our Cultural Aspiration, our companies are committed to reducing our businesses’ environmental impact and promoting the sustainability of natural resources. We continue to make progress against our environmental long-term goals.


To help us achieve these goals, our companies:
  • implement environmentally-sustainable practices where possible;
  • conduct business in compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, policies and company commitments;
  • implement environmentally-sustainable practices where feasible;
  • understand environmental risks facing our businesses and find ways to remove or reduce these risks;
  • include environmental considerations into our business processes, like product design, logistics and mergers and acquisitions;
  • expect our suppliers and partners to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, consider environmental impacts in business decision-making and promote conservation of natural resources;
  • work with stakeholders to address environmental interests and grow partnerships to promote environmental stewardship;
  • report our environmental progress internally to executive leadership and maintain external reporting on air emissions, energy, waste and water; and
  • create an Environmental Management Framework to guide continuous improvement.



Supporting Environmental Management Framework Elements & Processes

Our Environmental Management Framework helps our companies drive improvement in their environmental efforts. The framework includes management structure, policies, programs, data management and metrics, and program assessments. This framework applies to all company operations regardless of location. Supporting elements and processes include:

Management Guidance

We communicate environmental expectations to our employees through our Code of Conduct and to our suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct. In addition, our operating companies adopted an environmental policy. The policy is supported by company initiatives that address topics including energy use, air emissions, hazardous materials management, and waste, wastewater and storm water management. We also create long-term environmental sustainability goals.

Actions & Implementation

Business plans supporting our environmental management framework and goals exist across our companies. For example, our factories find and create projects that help reduce their energy use and water consumption. Management teams regularly review progress against these plans.

Environmental Management Framework

Environmental Management Framework

Review & Feedback

We review progress against goals with operating company and executive leadership and with the Nominating, Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility board committee. We also benchmark our progress against peer companies and work to maintain certifications supporting our progress. In addition, we audit operations to comply with company initiatives and provide feedback to leadership.


Altria’s Safety Health & Environment team uses an Environmental Metrics Information System to hold key environmental measures across our operating companies. We report on key metrics annually on our website, in our Corporate Responsibility Progress Report and through CDP. Major reported data elements have been assured by a third party.