Altria's commitment to our Vision means engaging actively and responsibly with policy makers at all levels of government. We engage to share who we are, where we are headed, and the vital role legislation and regulation play in shaping the future of our industry. Participating in the democratic process is vital to our business and to the many stakeholders with an interest in transforming this industry for the better – including our shareholders, employees, business partners, communities, and adult consumers.  

What We Believe

Altria's Vision sets the direction for all our legislative efforts. For us, Moving Beyond Smoking means advocating for a harm reduction future where the entire industry is operating within science-based federal regulation, where underage tobacco use continues to decline, and where adult smokers who don't quit are transitioning to FDA-authorized less harmful products.


Transformational changes in recent years have made this future more possible than ever. Today we see -

  • Generational lows in underage use of all traditional tobacco products.
  • A national minimum age of 21 driving underage use down further for all product categories.
  • Scientists agreeing that while nicotine is addictive, it’s smoke that causes most tobacco-related harm.
  • Manufacturers innovating new, smoke-free products for the adult smokers' transition.
  • The FDA regulating the industry and authorizing reduced harm products based on science.

Our goal in our engagement with government and policy stakeholders is to advance this Vision by supporting policies necessary for harm reduction to succeed.

Key Issues For Us

Here are some of the important legislative priorities for Altria and its companies and how we engaged on them recently.

Supporting Science-Based FDA Regulation

Harm reduction can’t succeed without effective, comprehensive federal regulation of tobacco products.

Legislation Preventing Underage Use

Harm reduction starts with preventing underage use of all tobacco products.

Adult Smokers 21+ Should Have Access to Better Choices

Adult smokers who don’t quit should be encouraged to transition to FDA-regulated less harmful products.

FDA's Role as Regulator of Ingredients & Flavors

Legislators engaged on tobacco issues should start with understanding the central role the FDA plays in regulating the industry – and the scientific capabilities and extensive resources it applies to the job.

Tax Policy Should Give Less Harmful Products a Better Chance

Tax classifications written many decades ago make little sense today given the science showing major risk differences between combustible and smoke-free products.

Protecting the Legal, Regulated Market from Illegal Trade

A thriving underground market in tobacco products is a serious threat to effective regulation and public health.

Inclusion & Diversity Policy Activities

We celebrate the power of diverse teams working together to shape our future.

Racial & Economic Equity Policy Activities

Altria launched a Race & Equity Initiative across our companies and publicly committed to address systemic racism faced by Black Americans and advance social and economic equity.

Other Business Issues