Science is at the core of Altria’s approach to tobacco harm reduction. Our investment in research and technology supports our smoke-free product development and the science needed for product applications submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our regulatory science team, led by our Chief Scientific Officer, generates the scientific evidence needed to demonstrate that smoke-free tobacco products result in lower exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents and/or are lower risk when compared to conventional cigarettes. We’ve been at the forefront of developing new methodologies to assess the health impact of potentially reduced-risk tobacco products.

We follow a rigorous scientific framework for evaluating potentially reduced-risk tobacco products and supporting product applications to the FDA. This framework enables us to evaluate tobacco products from product design to individual product risk assessments to overall population impact.

Our Regulatory Affairs team applies this rigorous framework to substantiate candidate products demonstrating protection of public health in order to bring new reduced-risk products to adult tobacco consumers. 

Advancing the Science; Making a Difference

Maria Gogova, Altria’s Chief Scientific Officer plays a critical role in shaping Altria’s pursuit of harm reduction and representing Altria in the scientific and public health community. Watch is video to hear more on this topic.

We are committed to ongoing, transparent communication of the results of our research. We regularly update Altria’s Science website with data we present or publish, and we actively engage with members of the scientific community and share our research through conferences, meetings and other forums.

Insights-Driven Product Development

Altria’s scientists, engineers, product developers and consumer researchers are accelerating our investments to build unique intellectual property and a robust pipeline of differentiated, innovative smoke-free tobacco products. We are combining our deep knowledge of adult smokers, data analytics and behavioral science to better understand what would motivate and then help adult smokers transition to smoke-free products.

Meanwhile, countless employees across our organization – from procurement and manufacturing, to marketing and sales – are working to gain new insights that will support future product development, as they work to bring our existing, premium smoke-free brands to market and support adult smokers’ transition to a smoke-free future.

For instance, we've maintained a robust adult tobacco consumer database and have developed unique consumer connections through loyalty programs. We are enhancing these tools by working with our retail trade partners to increase the depth and breadth of point-of-sale purchase data. These tools enable deeper understanding of purchasing behaviors and consumer journeys that inform product development to best meet the needs of adult tobacco consumers.

Moving Beyond Smoking

Altria’s companies are leading the way in moving adult smokers away from cigarettes – by taking action to transition millions toward potentially less harmful choices. Learn More

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Our Science-based Approach to New Tobacco Products

We follow a rigorous scientific framework for evaluating potentially reduced risk products in our applications that enables us to assess them from design, to individual risk, to overall population impact.
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Animal Care & Use Statement

Altria and its companies take animal research seriously and understand the sensitivities involved in the use of animals in scientific research.
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Submit Your Idea

We believe true innovation involves collaboration and engagement. If you have a concept, methodology or other technology you would like to share, visit the visit the Altria Open Innovation Portal.