Altria’s tobacco companies are the undisputed market leaders in the U.S. tobacco industry, with profitable premium products, iconic brands and a strong American heritage stretching back more than 190 years.

As the industry leader, we have the duty and the opportunity to shape a better future for adult tobacco consumers, our employees and shareholders. By 2030, our Vision is to responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future.

To achieve our Vision, we will pursue initiatives designed to promote the long-term welfare of our company, our stakeholders, society at large and the environment. We believe the actions we are taking will create a different Altria – and a different tobacco landscape that we believe will benefit today's adult tobacco consumers, our businesses, and the thousands we employ. Our responsibility focus areas address the issues we believe are most important to drive this progress.

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Billy Gifford

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"2020 brought unprecedented challenges, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand for societal change brought on by the senseless deaths of Black Americans. The ESG expectations for Altria -- and all businesses -- have dramatically and quickly changed. Understanding and addressing those expectations through responsible actions is critical." Read More

Moving Beyond Smoking

Altria’s companies are leading the way in moving adult smokers away from cigarettes – by taking action to transition millions toward potentially less harmful choices. Learn More

  • 2020 Materiality Assessment
  • Communicating Our Progress

2020 Materiality Assessment

Altria’s responsibility focus areas and initiatives are guided by our materiality assessment process – a comprehensive, formal approach to identify the most impactful environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that promote long-term sustainability and success. Through this assessment, we conduct a comprehensive review of stakeholder expectations and determine how those align with our business priorities.

In 2020, we completed a new materiality assessment and from this analysis, we established six responsibility focus areas to guide Altria’s actions toward achieving our Vision. Some of these "new" priorities will feel familiar, but all represent important evolutions in our corporate responsibility strategy. View the details of our 2020 Materiality Assessment.

While our materiality assessment is complete, we understand that change is constant. We will continue to monitor emerging issues and align our business practices to help address evolving societal issues important to our companies, stakeholders and communities.

Evolving Metrics & Communicating Progress

Stakeholders expect us to clearly communicate where we’re focused and how we're doing. Our new responsibility focus areas present the opportunity to inspect the metrics we've tracked in the past and expand our disclosure to align with evolving expectations. We are also modernizing our reporting approach, to better meet the unique information needs of various stakeholders and allow for more continuous dialogue.

In 2021, we shifted to a new reporting cycle, disclosing progress and key metrics for each of our responsibility focus areas in stand-alone reports. We will publish these reports throughout the year and commit to updating our progress "off cycle" as necessary. As we’ve done in the past, each of these focus area reports will share our approach and progress toward our goals, including relevant targets and metrics.

Visit the Corporate Responsibility Reports page to access current and historical reports.

Responsibility Focus Areas


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Reduce Harm of Tobacco Products

Successfully transitioning adult smokers to smoke-free products represents a substantial opportunity for our adult tobacco consumers, our business, society and our shareholders.
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Prevent Underage Use

The concepts of tobacco harm reduction and underage tobacco prevention are directly linked, and we remain steadfastly committed to both as we lead the adult smoker transition to smoke-free products.
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Protect the Environment

We understand the effect our companies and their products may have on our environment and that's why we set long-term environmental targets.
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Drive Responsibility Through Our Value Chain

Strong, sustainable partnerships with our supplier base and trade partners are critical to our future success and achieving Altria’s Vision.
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Support Our People & Communities

We will achieve our long-term Vision by remaining an employer of choice in a rapidly evolving talent market - providing experiences that help our workforce achieve their full potential and doing what’s right in our communities.
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Engage & Lead Responsibly

How we lead in addressing issues is as important as where we're focused. Stakeholders expect us to lead in contributing solutions for challenging issues and to influence others on issues of importance.

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