Our trade partners are instrumental in our continued business success and the responsible marketing and sales of tobacco products.

Our tobacco companies, in collaboration with Altria Group Distribution Company, sell their products through a network of wholesalers and retailers. 

Wholesalers and retailers help us reach over 50 million adult tobacco consumers each year. Our sales coverage spans nearly 210,000 retail stores, representing approximately 92 percent of tobacco industry volume.

Through longstanding retail trade programs that support retailers of all sizes, we are able to meet the needs of our retail customers while delivering our premium brands to adult tobacco consumers.

2025 Goals

  • Enhance analytic and surveillance infrastructure that supports the financial viability of our supplier base and trade partners.
  • Enhance trade participation in youth access prevention programs to establish retail and future sales channels as the most trusted place to responsibly sell and distribute tobacco products.

Responsible Approach to Owned Retail & E-commerce

Our Vision is to responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future. Part of that approach is providing responsible sales channels to support adult tobacco consumer transition from combustible cigarettes. 

We recognize the importance of maintaining the security of our adult tobacco consumers’ information. We have numerous security measures in place that are designed to protect consumer information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use and modification. Our companies’ branded websites each have privacy statements that provide guidance on what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use and protect it, and how consumers can control and protect their personal information.

Within Altria’s Digital & Technology Organization, the Information Technology Risk Management and the Digital & Marketing Services (DMS) teams work closely with the Law Department to monitor the industry for up-to-date cybersecurity practices and the evolving data privacy and security laws. For example, the DMS organization has developed and implemented robust infrastructure that is designed to meet the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act that went into effect in 2020, California’s “Shine the Light” Law, and more.

The IQOS stores are designed and operated through the lens of responsibility. All adults who enter the store are age verified and only adults who acknowledge they are smokers are eligible to purchase product. 
Helix's premium-branded e-commerce website for on! has a robust age-verification platform where qualified adult tobacco consumers can purchase product and have it delivered to their home.

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in Retail

In response to the social awakening and national conversation around racial injustice in the United States, AGDC recognized an opportunity to contribute positively by leading and supporting initiatives designed to create a more equitable and inclusive retail community.

Our retail trade partners interact with a diverse marketplace every day and we appreciate that our trade partners are responsible stewards of our operating companies’ brands.

We are committed to acting compliantly and ethically according to the standards of the law, establishing retail and commerce channels that are the most trusted place to responsibly sell and distribute tobacco products, and increasing trade participation in underage access prevention programs that support our license to operate.

By working diligently toward our goals and driving responsibility through our value chain, we are steps closer to responsibly leading the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future.

The Stronger Together Challenge

To spark innovation and industry involvement to improve Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E), AGDC President & CEO Scott Myers sponsored a national Stronger Together Challenge, inviting trade partners to submit proposals outlining creative solutions to drive ID&E in the retail market. The deliberate focus on inclusion, diversity and equity sparked a larger conversation and movement with our industry.

Read about Imperial Trading of New Orleans, Louisiana and their response to being Stronger Together. Learn More

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Underage Access Prevention

Deterring underage access is a principle at the core of Altria’s operating companies’ retail trade program.
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Collaborating for Retail Access Prevention Solutions

Our primary goals are to raise awareness around social source access and drive new retailer behaviors to continue to limit youth access to tobacco products at retail.
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Partnering on Responsible Labor Practices with International Leaf Suppliers

Altria expects our suppliers to protect human rights in our supply chains.