We believe strong, sustainable partnerships with our supplier base and trade partners are critical to our future success and achievement of Altria's Vision. Responsibly sourcing the raw materials and services for our companies' products and requiring that they are sold only to adult consumers 21+ is necessary to maintain our social license to operate.

"We have high performing value chain partners that enable us to deliver premium brands to the market. It is the strong partnership between Altria employees and our external stakeholders that enables our success and progress towards the Vision."

Jodie Clarke
Vice President, Procurement

Our 2025 Goals


  • Deliver continuous improvement in our tobacco supply chains to protect the rights of farm workers, build sustainable futures for farmers and their communities and protect the environment.
  • Enhance infrastructure that supports our ability to responsibly source goods and services and optimize the value of those goods and services for our businesses.
  • Enhance analytic and surveillance infrastructure that supports the financial viability of our supplier base and trade partners. 
  • Improve diversity, inclusion and equity in our supply chains.   
  • Enhance trade participation in youth access prevention programs to establish retail and future sales channels as the most trusted place to responsibly sell and distribute tobacco products. 


Our Approach

Altria relies on strong, sustainable partnerships with our network of growers, suppliers and trade partners. This includes responsibly sourcing raw materials and services to the distribution and retail pathways that deliver our products to adult consumers. From due diligence and rigorous monitoring of human rights, ethics and compliance activity, to driving sustainability and diversity through the value chain, we hold ourselves and our value chain partners to high standards of excellence. We strive to set clear expectations to deliver value for our adult consumers.

We promote a strong culture of compliance and equip our employees to exercise sound business judgment and risk management when selecting and managing suppliers. Employees receive communications and training on topics such as antitrust, anti-bribery/anti-corruption and third-party vendor management to help guide their work with suppliers. Our Altria Client Services Corporate Audit department regularly monitors and evaluates the ALCS Procurement department and critical suppliers in addition to third-party assessors.

Our Response to COVID-19

During the height and immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our employees was of utmost concern. We also implemented plans to minimize business disruptions and their potential impact to consumers and customers across all stages of our value chain. Learn More

Corporate Audit routinely recommends operational improvements, productivity enhancements, and best practices both internally and across our supply chains. We have high expectations of our suppliers to respect workers' rights, help protect the environment, and comply with our contracts and laws. These values apply across our value chain, from "seed to shelf" -- with tobacco growers, supply chain partners that support direct operations, and "trade partners" which include wholesalers and retailers.

Seed to Consumer

Growers & Suppliers

American-grown tobacco purchased from over 1,500 growers is the backbone of Philip Morris USA's and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company's products. PM USA and John Middleton buy international tobacco leaf through third-party suppliers who purchase from farmers across the globe.

Our companies work with approximately 5,800* suppliers worldwide.


* Estimates as of September 2021


Our companies develop, manufacture and market tobacco products. Our companies provide jobs for approximately 7,000 employees in 50 states and Washington, D.C. We work to maintain strong relationships with unions that represent over a quarter of our workforce.

Wholesalers & Retailers

Our tobacco companies distribute their products through a network of wholesalers and are distributed in approximately 300,000 retail stores across the country.

Adult Consumers
When you make products for adults, society expects you to market responsibly. We understand and agree. That's why our companies build relationships between their brands and adult consumers 21+ while taking steps designed to limit reach to unintended audiences.
In 2020, age-verified adult tobacco consumers 21+ on our Adult Tobacco Consumer Database engaged with our tobacco companies' branded websites more than 45 million times. We believe our deep understanding of the consumers engaging with us will help us to responsibly support adult smoker transition to smoke-free products.
Our Value Chain Scope
Grower Support & Agricultural Sustainability

Grower Support & Agricultural Sustainability

Altria drives continuous improvement in our tobacco supply chains to protect the rights of farm workers, build sustainable futures for farmers and their communities, and protect the environment.
Responsible Sourcing in Our Operations

Responsible Sourcing in Our Operations

Altria focuses on delivering high quality goods and services and maximizing savings, while managing risks. 
Supporting Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

Supplier Diversity is an integral part of Altria’s inclusion and diversity efforts and harnesses the power of diverse teams to promote innovation, drive competition and provide greater supply chain flexibility. 
Engaging Trade Partners in Responsibility

Engaging Trade Partners in Responsibility

Our trade partners are instrumental in our continued business success and the responsible marketing and sales of tobacco products. 
Human Rights, Ethics & Compliance

Human Rights, Ethics & Compliance

Guided by international principles and policies, Altria’s Human Rights Framework serves as the foundation for how we engage with all stakeholders in our value chain.

Our Voice & Actions