Since 1998, Philip Morris USA has invested in positive youth development as a way to help address a core business concern: underage tobacco use. 

In addition to the actions we’ve taken to market responsibly and limit underage access to tobacco products, we support a range of evidence-based positive youth development programs. Positive youth development theory posits that emphasizing protective factors in kids’ lives – such as positive relationships and activities – and reducing risk factors, helps kids make healthy decisions and resist a broad range of risky behaviors, including tobacco use. 

With a focus on middle school students, our Success360° initiative aims to promote the healthy development of kids and help them avoid risky behaviors like tobacco use.

Through this initiative, Altria’s tobacco companies invest in leading youth-serving organizations such as 4-HBig Brothers Big SistersBoys & Girls ClubsCommunities In Schools and The First Tee. Success360° helps these organizations collaborate and better connect the services they provide to kids and their families in and out of the classroom. Collectively, our partners reach more than 17 million kids with a range of programs, including mentoring, adolescent substance abuse prevention and tobacco cessation programs.

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In 2020, Altria's tobacco companies provided a combined ~$25 million for Altria's core Success360° initiative.

We are supporting our Success360° prevention and cessation grantees to pursue an integrated approach to programming and direct service interventions and prevention in an expanded geography of 20 states. These states were strategically selected based on where prevention partners have a footprint and youth use of tobacco products is highest. This approach is the result of increased and strengthened alignment of the prevention and adolescent cessation programs at a national level. It includes a focus on pursuing an evidence-based approach, credentials for prevention programs (including Blueprints designation) and identifying additional funding partners and revenue streams to support and promote the work.

Through the University of Colorado Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, LifeSkills Training was initiated in high schools in nine states reaching more than 18,000 students in the first year of implementation. This reach spanned across 41 school districts and 87 schools.

Amber Roos

The Evolution of Our Underage Prevention Grant Portfolio

Amber shares the ways Success360° aids in underage prevention through targeted grants and support of key nonprofits.