Our companies' marketing approach is guided by our Vision to responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future. 

"Responsibly leading" means we must limit reach, access and appeal to unintended audiences, including youth and adults who don't use tobacco. This is a key pillar of our underage tobacco prevention framework and imperative to tobacco harm reduction.

The cornerstone of our approach to marketing responsibly is compliance with all legal, regulatory and internal policy requirements.

We work hard to instill a culture of responsibility throughout our marketing and sales organizations and with our business partners.

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Jon Moore

President & CEO
Philip Morris USA

"By 2030, we will responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future. I’m confident that our deep experience in understanding and connecting with our adult tobacco consumers will be an important asset for our success. But as we explore new ways of engaging with adult consumers on their transition journeys, maintaining a lens of responsibility is critical – our number one priority and foundational to how we do business."

Marketing programs vary among our tobacco companies and their brands. But the focus remains the same – to responsibly grow market share by enhancing brand awareness, rewarding loyalty and switching adult tobacco consumers from competitive brands to our smoke-free products – all while limiting our reach to unintended audiences, including non-users and those under the legal age to purchase tobacco products.

Altria’s tobacco operating companies' marketing is intended to appeal to adult tobacco consumers 21+, an audience that is broad-based and multicultural. In order to understand adult smoker preferences, and market their products effectively to the evolving population of adult smokers, the tobacco operating companies will conduct consumer research, including among specific ethnic or cultural segments.

Age Verification on Brand Communication & E-Commerce Websites

We limit access to our tobacco brand websites to adult tobacco consumers 21+. We require consumers to confirm that they are adult tobacco consumers and we use an electronic age-verification process to ensure they are 21 years of age or older. In order to purchase product on an owned e-commerce site, or to access branded marketing materials on our websites, consumers must meet these age requirements.

Electronic age-verification works by comparing personal information an individual provides against public-records databases and other third-party data sources to find matching records that independently verify the personal information and confirms that the individual is old enough to access the website. If the individual’s age cannot be verified, then they are denied access to the branded marketing portions of our tobacco brand websites, and such consumer cannot purchase products on our e-commerce websites.

To further prevent underage persons from accessing our tobacco brand websites, our sites are compatible with age-filtering software. Such software can be used to block access to websites considered unsuitable for children.

We also carefully consider responsible marketing practices as we venture into third-party e-commerce partnerships for our innovative, non-combustible tobacco products. As those partnerships continue to evolve, we are exploring how best to codify our responsibility expectations and monitor adherence to our contractual responsible marketing practices.

Marketing Practices

Connecting with our Consumers

Marketing activities are intended to connect brands with their adult tobacco consumers 21+.

Tobacco Settlement Agreements

The Food and Drug Administration began regulating tobacco products against the backdrop of the 1998 Tobacco Settlement Agreements.

Marketing Policies

Policies guide how our tobacco companies market their products to adult tobacco consumers.

Engaging Trade Partners in Responsibility

Our trade partners are instrumental in our continued business success and the responsible marketing and sales of tobacco products.
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Despite New Products and Marketing Plans, Responsibility is Always Crucial

Altria is helping bring IQOS to market. But in a relatively new brand category, responsibility remains at the forefront of our marketing practices. Jon Moore explains why.

Federal Regulation of Tobacco

Tobacco products are among the most heavily regulated consumer goods in the world. This adult consumer product is subject to extensive federal, state and local licensing, registration and minimum age requirements.